10 Daily Habits of Happiness

Daily Habits of Happiness

It’s important to be happy and content in your life. I’ve not met a single soul who doesn’t want to be happy in life. In fact, the goal of everything we do in life—working, dating, starting a family, etc., is to increase our chances of happiness. Because happiness is a positive feeling. It also increases … Read more



When one person wants more than the other, it can cause huge problems in the relationship.  These problems aren’t always obvious though, which can leave you wondering whether or not your partner loves you at all. No matter how much you want to be in a relationship, it’s never fun being the one who is … Read more

14 Warning Signs He Will Cheat On You

Signs He Will Cheat On You

Every woman, including women who were raised to see polygamy as a norm, desires a man who will be faithful to her and only her.  If this is your heart’s desire, ensuring you don’t end up with a man who lacks the capacity to be committed to you alone starts from the dating period. You … Read more

How To Make Him Respect You Like Crazy

How To Make Him Respect You

Women often think a man will automatically respect them if he loves them. But this isn’t always the case. You’ve got to teach a man to respect you by learning how to make him respect you. Keep reading. You’ll surely find this article useful. How To Make Him Respect You 1. Know your self-worth It’s … Read more

10 Annoying Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend

Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend

What are the signs of a clingy girlfriend? Clinginess is a serious problem in relationships because it can lead to resentment and make your partner feel suffocated. It also makes you appear insecure and needy, which isn’t attractive at all. If you are a clingy girlfriend, you may not even realize it. You might feel … Read more

9 Habits of Attractive Women

Habits of Attractive Women

There are certain things that make a woman attractive. Sometimes it’s how they walk, and sometimes it’s how they laugh. What makes a woman truly attractive, though, is confidence. And with all the pressures we face from society and media, it can be hard to cultivate self-confidence. But there are small ways you can increase … Read more

13 Subtle Signs He Pretends To Love You

Signs He Pretends To Love You

Every woman wants to be loved, cherished, and adored by her partner. However, not all relationships are as they seem. Sometimes, we can be in a relationship with someone who isn’t really into us – he’s just pretending. If you’re starting to think that your guy might be faking it, here are the signs to … Read more