Have you ever been told that you are intimidating even while trying to be as nice and friendly as you can be? Do you have a feeling that some people are threatened by your presence? Have you observed that some people tend to avoid you sometimes? This might be a clear indication that they find … Read more

11 Things To Do As The Year Ends

It’s almost a few months to the end of the year, and it’s a privilege to be alive. While we are grateful to be alive, we must ensure we make the most of the year’s remaining months. Thus, I’m sharing ideas on what to do before the year ends. This will help to maximize your … Read more

8 Signs God Doesn’t Want You To Do Something

You can’t see God, but He’s always with you. And He speaks to us through the Bible, through prayer and through our hearts. It’s important to listen to God and obey His commands. But sometimes we don’t know what those are. Or we think we know what they are, but we’re not sure. Or we … Read more

11 Signs You Have Low Self-Esteem

Are there signs you have low self-esteem? We’ll see that in the course of this article. First, self-esteem can mean the total value someone places on themselves. It’s simply the way you view yourself and covers a lot of factors, including your self-confidence, feeling of belonging, sense of identity and feeling of competence. Your self-esteem … Read more

10 Daily Habits of Happiness

Daily Habits of Happiness

It’s important to be happy and content in your life. I’ve not met a single soul who doesn’t want to be happy in life. In fact, the goal of everything we do in life—working, dating, starting a family, etc., is to increase our chances of happiness. Because happiness is a positive feeling. It also increases … Read more

9 Habits of Attractive Women

Habits of Attractive Women

There are certain things that make a woman attractive. Sometimes it’s how they walk, and sometimes it’s how they laugh. What makes a woman truly attractive, though, is confidence. And with all the pressures we face from society and media, it can be hard to cultivate self-confidence. But there are small ways you can increase … Read more

12 Habits of Smart Women

Smart women are great. They’re more fun to be around, know what they want out of life and are more fulfilled in life. But how do you know if you’re one of the smart ones? Or how can you be a smart woman? The following are habits of smart women; things they do consistently that … Read more