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Men are known to be conservative when it comes to the expression of feelings.

It is, however, more difficult for a man who is guarded.

A guarded man is reserved and careful in expressing his feelings and thoughts.

He creates a barrier around himself that makes his heart impenetrable.

To some people, he is seen as one without emotions.

And this is because he has mastered guarding his heart jealously.

Some men became very “guarded” due to their past experiences, trust issues, fear of vulnerability, and the many tales of woes they’d heard.

Hence, they decided to take responsibility for their feelings.

Interestingly, most guarded men are always very sweet people.

They love passionately.

Their hearts are mostly tender, and they are afraid of being heartbroken; hence, they decide to build a wall around themselves.

Though their faces look bland with no expression, their hearts constantly yearn for that one person to who they can be vulnerable and pour their love.

When a guarded man starts falling in love, he begins to let his guard down.

While others see him as tough, the one he is dating sees him as the most adorable man ever.

If you are friends with a guarded man and you see the following signs, it means he is falling in love with you.

Signs a guarded man is falling in love

1. He becomes more open


A guarded man rarely gives out details about his life.

He tells you what he wants you to know every time, and you can’t force him to talk when he is not ready.

He doesn’t trust anyone to the extent of sharing personal information about himself.

But when he starts getting more relaxed with you and being more open, he may be starting to fall in love.

With the understanding that a relationship thrives on openness, he will start to talk about personal details about his past, his present, and his future.

He will tell you things he would most likely say to no one.

He feels comfortable sharing details about himself without you asking.

He feels you are the one that he can share his struggles, plans, and personal details about himself.

This is a sign that he is emotionally invested in you.

2. He creates time for you



A guarded man has no reason to create time for someone he has no interest in.

It’s almost impossible to get his attention as he’s in his own world.

He deliberately rejects any opportunity of making himself available, but when affection starts knocking at the door of his heart, the story changes.

When he starts creating time for you, it’s most likely that he’s finding your company interesting and would like to take it further.

He gets more interested in what you like, your daily activities, and your interests.

At this point, he is gradually letting his guard down to enjoy your company.

It shows his heart is yearning for you and would like to be more involved in your life.

He could start by initiating dates, spending time on the phone with you, and planning a weekend getaway.

3. He starts getting vulnerable with you


The fear of being termed a weakling is one of the reasons guarded men are wary of being vulnerable.

They hold their emotions close to their chest and live like emotionless people.

The fear of being taken for granted makes it difficult for them to be open about their emotions.

When a guarded man starts falling in love, he becomes vulnerable with you.

He becomes more open and honest about his feelings. He starts making you realize the intensity of the love he has to offer.

This doesn’t happen automatically, though.

He must have taken his time to see that you feel the same about him.

He would have tried to see if you are compatible in many ways.

When he is sure he’s safe with you, he will start unfolding the deeper part of him that no one has ever seen.

4. He starts paying attention to your need


A guarded man is usually in a world of his own.

Once he doesn’t love someone, he sees no reason to pay attention to her needs.

He doesn’t even consider her desires.

He starts paying attention to your needs when he becomes comfortable with you.

He wants to be involved and become a huge part of your life.

He listens to gain your perspective on issues.

He is willing to learn what makes you feel loved.

He asks you questions about how he can help you.

He looks out for your interests.

He starts doing things he would ordinarily do for no one else.

When you see him do these things, you most likely have won your way into his heart.

5. He introduces you to important people in his life

When a guarded man starts introducing you to people that matter in his life, be rest assured that he is willing to take the long haul with you.

He also starts talking about you fondly to his friends and family.

Getting to this point means he is sure of what he feels for you and is ready to be by your side forever.

6. He starts talking about his future


A guarded man is known to be reluctant to share his plans with someone he doesn’t share a bond with.

Since he doesn’t see a future with you, he has no plan of sharing his plans and aspirations with you.

He is jealous of his details that he ensures to keep them to himself.

When he starts talking about his future, plans, and aspirations with you, it means he is seeing you in that future.

As a result of his love for you, he starts planning with you. He moves from using the word “I” to “We.”

Guarded men guard every detail of their lives jealously.

They don’t love carelessly.

They are deliberate about their choices, but when love comes, they gradually let their guard down.

If you have been friends with one for a long time and you’ve observed these signs for some time, it’s possible that he loves you.

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