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Have you ever been told that you are intimidating even while trying to be as nice and friendly as you can be?

Do you have a feeling that some people are threatened by your presence?

Have you observed that some people tend to avoid you sometimes?

This might be a clear indication that they find you intimidating. 

Intimidating women are often referred to as feminists or alpha women.

They are known to have strong personalities, and they are not a pushover for anyone.

However, being intimidating is more about the perception of people.

It is not necessarily a negative trait.

Below are some signs that you are being perceived as an intimidating woman;

11 Signs You Are An Intimidating Woman

1. You are assertive

When you can communicate your thoughts and opinions directly and honestly without fear, people may see you as an intimidating woman.

If you are in an environment where women are mostly reserved about their thoughts and you are vocal you may be perceived as such.

In cases where you are not afraid to set the records straight and air your opinion about issues even in the face of opposition, people will marvel.

When you notice an injustice or unfair treatment being meted out to you or people around you, and you don’t allow it to pass but you take a stance and lend your voice against such an unwholesome act, people will see you as one that can’t be toyed with.

You may be thus seen as an intimidating woman.

2. You are confident

As a woman when you are so sure of yourself realistically and securely, people tend to interpret this as being intimidating.

We live in a patriarchal society where men’s voice seems to be the loudest and they aren’t shy to talk about their abilities and strengths.

However, more often naught when a woman confidently displays what she’s worth by showing forth her abilities and competencies, she’s seen as a threat and she’s tagged an intimidating woman.

3. You are financially stable

When you are doing so well in your finances and you can afford a comfortable life, you can become a threat to some people.

Gone are the days when women are living at the mercy of the male figures in their lives; fathers, and husbands.

Now, women are breaking these stereotypes and are making waves in their finances.

If you can hold your own, and you are living your dreams, you are seen as a strong woman.

4. You know your worth

While some women seek validation from people, an intimidating woman does not need anyone’s validation.

She knows her worth.

She is enough.

Validation from people doesn’t increase how she sees and feels about herself.

She is sure of what she carries and she doesn’t need anyone to affirm that.

If anyone affirms her worth, she appreciates it but she already knows it.

If this defines you, you may be perceived to be an intimidating woman.

5. You don’t take any act of disrespect lightly

You are quick to notice acts of disrespect towards you and you address them instantly.

It is not unusual to see people naturally give respect to their male counterparts while some act condescendingly towards women.

This is because it is believed that men deserve respect.

An alpha female thinks that respect is the need of every human and she doesn’t fail to demand it.

When she notices any trace of disrespect at her place of work or wherever she finds herself, she points it out immediately.

This might come off as her being intimidating.

6. You are passionate

An intimidating woman is passionate about what she does.

She goes all out to do whatever she believes without waiting for accolades from anyone.

Sometimes, she comes off as being aggressive, but she’s just being passionate.

7. You want to be in charge

If you are a woman who believes that a leadership position is for you and you want to be in charge, you are seen as an intimidating woman. 

For the longest time, men are given positions of authority over women in workplaces, business places, and other professional and religious settings.

It was believed that a woman’s place is just in the background and she doesn’t have too much to offer.

Now, alpha women are taking a stand against the stereotypes and want to take the lead. 

Women are now leaders of organizations, they are owning their businesses with several men and women under them.

This may be perceived as being intimidating.

8. You are unconventional

You believe that nothing is amazing about being a traditional woman whose place is in the home tending to her children and subjected to her husband.

Your stance is that a woman can be all that she wants to be and she shouldn’t be limited by societal stereotypes.

You want to become all that you have planned to be and you are willing to let go of anything and everything that could be a hindrance.

9. You are a feminist

You advocate for the right to equal opportunity as males.

You don’t believe that one gender is lesser than the other.

In your own opinion, just as the needs of the males are prioritized, that of females must equally be prioritized.

Some men see females who are feminists as a threat.

They believe they are up to no good hence, they are intimidated by such women.

10. You are independent

You don’t wait on people to take care of your bills or meet your needs.

You are self-reliant and you don’t need the opinion of others before you make decisions about your life.

You take full responsibility for your life and you bear the consequences of your actions.

11. You are confident in yourself

You are confident in yourself and not swayed by people’s thoughts and opinions about you.

When people make negative criticisms about you, you don’t take it to heart, rather you quickly shake it off and keep moving.

When people see that their words aren’t getting at you, they tag you as intimidating.

It is important to note that it’s not your fault if people are intimidated by you and your personality.

It is entirely their fault.

Just keep making a difference and always strive to be the best version of yourself.

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