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Everyone on your social media handles knows how crazy you are about your boyfriend.

They comment on how great you both look together, and these comments make you smile all day long, but you can’t understand why your boyfriend seems not to be returning the same energy.

You find it difficult to imagine why your boyfriend, who is an active social media user, will decide not to flaunt you in the eyes of everyone.

Sometimes, you even doubt if he loves you; at other times, you wonder if you are the only “babe” in his life.

If not posting about you is giving you concern, you may need to dig deeper and find out what is happening.

Here are some reasons why a guy might avoid posting his girlfriend.

Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Post You On Social Media

1. He’s a private person


If your boyfriend is a private person, he might find it unnecessary to display his personal affairs to the world.

As a private person, he loves keeping every detail about his job, relationship, and business away from people.

He believes the love you both share should be kept intimate and private.

He doesn’t want anyone’s validation.

If you are sure of his love for you and he expresses it every time, you do not need to worry; you just need to be more understanding of him and accept him for who he is.

2. He’s cheating on you


If he is a philanderer, he will not post you on social media.

This is because posting you on social media will ruin his chances with his other girlfriends. Hence, he will avoid posting about you on his social media handles.

A man who is cheating on you will never want to post anything about you, especially if his ‘side chicks’ are also in the same space as you.

3. He doesn’t consider it a priority


He is not very active on social media.

If your boyfriend cares little about social media like most guys, he may not consider flaunting his girlfriend on social media a priority.

He doesn’t see the need for it because he doesn’t consider social media space an important part of his life.

He doesn’t need their approval nod or rejection wave to know what’s best for his life.

He believes there are more important things to tend to than waiting for other people’s validation.

4. He is not ready for commitment

When a man publicly acknowledges you as his girlfriend, it means he is telling everyone that he is committed to you, and in no distant time, he is willing to take things further.

If he is an active social media user and posts about his friends and family members but doesn’t do the same with you, it may mean he is not willing to commit to you yet. 

He prefers you to be in the background until he makes up his mind about you.

5. Past relationship experience

Is your boyfriend coming out of a very messy affair?

If he was previously in a relationship where every friend on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms knew them, and the relationship ended on a sour note

In this case, he might refrain from repeating the same mistake.

He knows too well that social media is a public place and wants to conduct himself.

He may have decided not to post anything about his love life until he is legally hitched.

6. His work ethics


Some jobs demand that an individual not put his private affairs out.

Such an individual might be on social media, but he is not permitted to share personal details about his life as there could be negative consequences if he doesn’t adhere.

If your boyfriend’s job and career are such that it forbids him from letting the world know details of his private life.

You are not the only one he won’t post about; he will also do the same with the members of his immediate family.

So, once you are aware of the kind of job he does and the limitation, and you can attest to the fact that he is faithful to you, there’s no cause for alarm.

7. Different social media preferences

While you may see social media as an avenue to flaunt your boyfriend for the whole world to see and share personal issues about your life.

However, your boyfriend might see social media as a place to unwind, watch different trending issues, and have a good laugh.

Your boyfriend might be among those who are always online to know what’s happening globally but will not care to update their status or change their display picture.

This is just his preference; you can talk to him about it or come to terms with it.

8. Respect for you

Your boyfriend may respect your privacy so much and wouldn’t want to post about you without your permission.

He might not want you to come online to discover that your relationship has been made public.

If this is why he hasn’t posted about you, once you both have a conversation about this and you give him the go-ahead, he will surely do the needful.

9. He doesn’t love you



If a guy loves his babe, he sure can’t keep quiet about how he feels about her.

He is going to let the whole world know. If he has a strong online presence, he will let his followers know it’s only you and no one else.

If your boyfriend is active online and has never made any attempt to post about you, it is possible that he is not in love with you and doesn’t want people to see you both together.

Women want men who will be proud of them and show the world that is happy being with them.

It can be painful to see that your boyfriend has decided to keep you in the background and not show you off for the whole world to see.

When you observe this, have a discussion with him to have an understanding of the reason behind his actions.

If his reasons are genuine, you do not need to worry, but if you discover that some things are fishy, this could be a sign that you haven’t met the ONE.

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