11 Things To Do As The Year Ends

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It’s almost a few months to the end of the year, and it’s a privilege to be alive.

While we are grateful to be alive, we must ensure we make the most of the year’s remaining months.

Thus, I’m sharing ideas on what to do before the year ends.

This will help to maximize your productivity.


11 Things To Do As The Year Ends

  1. Do an annual financial check-in

The year is almost over—if you haven’t already, it’s time to look at your finances.

We all know those end-of-year financial statements can be a bit of a gut punch. 

But if you’re prepared, you can use them to make smart decisions about your future.

If you’ve been living paycheck-to-paycheck and don’t even know how you’re going to make it through the holidays, this is the time to start making plans for your future.

It may seem daunting, but doing an annual financial check-in isn’t as scary as it seems. 

Start by making a list of all your debts—credit card bills, student loans, mortgages, etc.—and what you owe on each one. 

Then add up all those numbers and see how much money you’ll need for next year’s bills.

Once you have that figure in mind, consider your income and decide if there are any ways to cut back or increase your earnings (for example: getting a second job or selling some of your stuff).

Next, make a budget! 

Set aside a certain amount each month for bills and other expenses (like food or gas), then divide whatever is left over into categories like “spending money” or “savings.”

And finally… stick to it.


2. Evaluate your goals 

As the year draws to a close, you might be wondering what you’ve accomplished.

Did you reach your goals? 

Did you make any progress towards your goals? 

If not, why not?

It’s totally normal for us to set goals and then fail at them. 

So this year, take a good look at your goals, see what went well and what didn’t, and then think about how you can do better next time.

If your goals are no longer valid or need updating, this is a great time for reflection and self-evaluation as we approach the end of the year.


3. Celebrate the wins, great and small

As the year comes to an end, take a moment to reflect on all the things you’ve accomplished.

It’s easy to get caught up in the “what ifs” and “if onlys,” but don’t forget that there are a lot of wins in your life, great and small.

Maybe you finally got a new job, moved out of your parents’ house, read all the books in your library, decluttered your wardrobe etc.

Whatever it is, celebrate it.

You might not be able to do everything you want to do, or achieve all the goals you set for yourself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate what’s already been achieved.


4. Review documents like wills or trusts, updating if necessary

Did you know that if you don’t have a will, the state where you live will decide who gets your assets?

It’s true.

And in some cases, those assets may go to family members who don’t deserve them.

So it’s important to review your documents like wills or trusts, updating if necessary.

A trust is an arrangement whereby one person’s property is held by another person or entity (the trustee) as the legal owner for the benefit of a third party (the beneficiary). 

Trusts can be created during one’s lifetime to avoid probate at death, but they are also useful for other purposes. 

For example, someone might create a trust so that their spouse doesn’t gain access to all their money when they die; instead, only certain amounts would be released based on specific criteria outlined in the terms of the document itself. 

An attorney can help you set up this type of arrangement if needed.

If you haven’t written or updated your will, now is the time to do so. 

It doesn’t mean you are leaving them anytime soon.

Also, review insurance policies and make changes if necessary. 


5. Reach out to your family and friends

As the year draws to a close, take a moment to reach out to your family and friends.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, and we often forget that our loved ones are just as busy as we are. 

Take a few minutes to send them an email or text message, or even pick up the phone and call them.

You’d be surprised at how much it can mean to someone when you just let them know that you’re thinking about them.


6. Plan holiday ahead

It’s never too early to plan for the holidays. 

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for what to do during the holidays, create a list of things you’d like to do.

That way, you’ll know exactly what activities are planned for the holiday and won’t have any last-minute surprises or be bored.

Also, list everyone you want to buy gifts for and what you will get them. 

If you want to travel, decide on the holiday destination and make a budget to help keep your spending in check.


7. Declutter

Now’s the time to get rid of stuff you don’t need so that you can start 2023 with a clean slate. 

If you haven’t already, go through all your closets and drawers, including those in your car, home office and wherever else you may have stashed things that no longer serve you well. 

Get rid of anything that’s broken or damaged beyond repair. 

Sell items that are still useful but that others might find useful too.

eBay is a great place to sell stuff — or donate them to charity if they’re still useful but not worth selling.


8. Clean out your fridge, freezer, and pantry

Throw out expired items and those with moldy spots or food that has gone bad. 

You might even want to toss any food with unhealthy ingredients (like high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners). 

If you don’t need it, get rid of it.

Make room for healthier foods like fruits and vegetables.

You’ll feel physically and emotionally better with a clean kitchen filled with healthy foods.


9. Make Charitable donations

Consider donating to a charity that you have a personal connection with. 

Giving can make you feel good about yourself and help you connect with others. 

For example, if your family has been affected by cancer, consider donating to the Cancer Society in your country.

You may not be able to afford a big donation, but even a small amount can make a difference to someone in need.


10. Take time for yourself

If your schedule is anything like mine, there are days when you feel you have no time for yourself or your relationships with others. 

Make sure you carve out some time each day for yourself— even if it’s just for a few minutes before bed or first thing in the morning.

It may seem like a small thing, but taking care of yourself will not only help you feel better but also improve your relationships with others.


11. Write down any takeaways from this year that will help you grow next year

What were your biggest accomplishments? 

What were your biggest failures? 

What did you do well? 

What could have been done better? 

Think about these questions and write down any insights that come up for you. 

This will be helpful as you plan out your goals for next year.


I hope this list has given you some ideas for what to do as we approach the end of the year.


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