Why Do Men Stare At Women? 10 Reasons Why

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Why do men stare at women? 

Staring at a woman is one of the most common things that men do.

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably had it done to you countless times.

And if you’re a guy, I’m sure that at some time or another, you’ve caught yourself staring at a beautiful girl in public

So, men stare at women.

It’s a fact of life.

But why?

Well, there’s no one reason that applies to every man who ogles at a woman, but we’ve come up with a list of the most common ones that should help explain why men can’t keep their eyes off the opposite sex.

Why Do Men Stare At Women? 

1. She’s sexy/attractive

While many would argue that the mere act of staring is a form of objectification, we need to understand that men don’t do this because they think less of women or want to make them feel bad about yourself.

They’re simply doing what they’re biologically programmed to do: stare at those they find attractive.

A sexy smile, a pretty face and a nice body are all things that can attract male attention. 

Even women stare at other women who are attractive and sexy—maybe out of jealousy or admiration.

The point is, we all stare at beautiful people because, who doesn’t love beauty? 


2. She’s wearing revealing clothes

Why Do Men Stare At Women

You’ve probably noticed that men tend to stare at women wearing revealing clothes.

If you have a low-cut dress on, it’s likely that men will be looking your way.

A short skirt is another great way to get attention from men anywhere. 

If a woman wears revealing clothes, it’s obvious she’s seeking attention, and trust men to give it to her. 

You can argue that a woman wears whatever she wants to feel good about herself and not for men’s glare. 

Oh well, you can argue that with the men who stare the next time you see a woman dress provocatively. 

Who determines what provocative dressing? 

How much is too much? 

I think as adults, we are supposed to have common sense, thus can tell when something is too much. 


3. To see what she’s like

Men also like staring at women because it gives them an opportunity to see what she’s like without having to interact with her yet (or without her knowing).

For example, if a man sees a woman who looks like she might be fun to hang out with, he can watch how she interacts with others while he thinks about whether or not he wants to approach her later on when there aren’t so many people around. 


4. He suspects she’s into him

Men are more likely to stare at you if they think you’re into them.

If a man notices that you’re looking at him, he’ll usually keep his gaze on yours longer than he would otherwise.

It could be that he’s just trying to figure out if you’re single or available—a great way for him to determine whether or not it might be worth making an attempt at striking up a conversation with you later.

If you’re looking at a guy, it’s normal for him to return your stare to gauge and ascertain your level of interest in him. 


5. He wants to meet her

Why Do Men Stare At Women

There are several reasons men stare at women, but the most common one is that they’re attracted to her and want to get to know her better.

When a man sees a woman who interests him, he will find himself unable to avert his gaze from her.

You may have experienced this as a lady. 

A guy approaches you after you’ve caught him staring at you. 

It’s very normal for a guy to stare at a woman he’s attracted to in a bid to know her better. 


6. He’s searching for The One

Why Do Men Stare At Women

There is another reason that stands out above all others: He’s searching for The One.

The reason men stare at women is because they want to find a partner, someone to spend their lives with and probably raise children with.

In short, they’re looking for a life partner/wife! 

This is why a married man is less likely to stare at women than a single man. 

A married man has found the one and is no longer searching. 

But a single man who is still searching for his missing rib will keep staring at women with the hoping of finding her. 

A man will often approach a woman by staring at her first, then talking to her.

He’s trying to get a sense of who she is, what she’s like and whether or not they’d be a good match.


7. The guy is a pervert

 A pervert is someone who stares at people for sexual pleasure.

Some perverts are obvious about their intentions; others hide behind excuses like being lost in thought or looking at something else.

A perv will stare at women for reasons that even have nothing to do with the women. 


8. He likes what he sees

Men are visual creatures and they respond to beauty.

What man hasn’t been drawn in by a beautiful woman?

It is natural to want to look at something or someone who we find attractive.

Men are not afraid of being caught staring at beautiful women because they know that there is nothing wrong with admiring a pretty face or body. 

Men stare at women in admiration. 


9. She reminds him of someone he knows

Sometimes we look at someone and think they look familiar but can’t place where we’ve seen them.

Later on, we realize we were staring because they remind us of someone else we know. 

So yeah, a guy may be staring at you because you look familiar. 


10. Men are wired to look

In a nutshell, men are wired to look at and appreciate women.

This is because of our evolutionary past as hunters, who had to quickly assess whether a woman was fertile or not based on her physical appearance before deciding whether or not she was worth pursuing for breeding purposes.

So when you think about it from this perspective—it makes sense that men would stare at women!


Every woman is different, so these reasons might not apply to all women.

However, most of us know that being stared at can be uncomfortable, and sometimes even frightening.

If this is the case, you should reach out for help. 

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