12 Habits of Smart Women

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Smart women are great.

They’re more fun to be around, know what they want out of life and are more fulfilled in life.

But how do you know if you’re one of the smart ones?

Or how can you be a smart woman?

The following are habits of smart women; things they do consistently that make them smart:

12 Habits of Smart Women

1. They set goals and work hard to achieve them

Habits of Smart Women

Smart women are goal-oriented and always working toward their next big thing.

They don’t sit around waiting for things to happen; they make them happen.

Smart women know that goals are essential for success, and they set goals for themselves every day.

They work hard to achieve those goals, no matter what they may be — whether it’s getting a promotion at work or taking an online course at night.

Smart women know that if you don’t set goals, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of life.

Setting goals is the only way to make sure you stay on track with what you want out of life.


2. They are always learning

Habits of Smart Women

A smart woman is always learning.

She reads books, articles, and blogs.

She watches educational videos on YouTube.

She listens to podcasts in the car on her way to work or at night when she’s winding down for bedtime.

A smart woman also learns from other people—their experiences, mistakes, successes, and failures—and she uses those learnings to improve her own life situation.


3. Smart women always have a plan B.

Habits of Smart Women

Smart women always have a plan B.

Plan B is your backup plan, the one you’ve already thought through and practiced even if it’s not your first choice.

Smart women know that life happens and that plans can go awry, so they create an alternate route.

A smart woman knows that planning out every possible outcome is impossible, but she also knows that sometimes taking action when things change will mean the difference between success and failure.

Smart women know that Plan B should be flexible enough to allow for changes in circumstances as well as being inexpensive enough not to break the bank if things get complicated and expensive quickly.


4. A smart woman looks after herself

Habits of Smart Women

A smart woman knows that looking after herself is important.

She doesn’t neglect her body or mind and makes sure to make time for relaxing, eating well, exercising, doing things that make her happy, and getting enough sleep.

She recognizes the value of taking care of herself because she knows that by doing so she will be at her best in order to look after others.

A smart woman is not afraid of hard work. She knows it’s part of living an authentic life — but she also knows how to balance this with pleasure and playtime.


5. Smart women are smart with their money

Habits of Smart Women

Being smart with your money means that you are responsible with your spending and saving habits.

You understand the value of every dollar and make wise financial decisions.

Smart women don’t spend more than they earn, and they don’t spend money they don’t have.

They know how to budget, how to save, and how to invest.

In fact, they save money automatically.

They know that saving money isn’t always easy, but they make it a priority by setting up automatic transfers into separate savings accounts or retirement plans.

This way, money doesn’t even have time to get spent before it’s being saved for later use.

They also plan ahead for emergencies.

Smart women know that unexpected expenses can pop up at any time, so they plan for them in advance by keeping an emergency fund on hand at all times — preferably in an online savings account where the money can be accessed instantly if needed without having to worry about fees or penalties.

Smart women don’t buy things on impulse or just because something looks cute or trendy.

They only purchase items if they’re useful or necessary.


6. Smart women are not afraid to take calculated risks

They know that failure is a part of success, and they don’t let the fear of it paralyze them.

Smart women are confident enough to take chances in life and know that failure is a natural part of the process.

They don’t let fear stop them from trying new things and can easily bounce back when they fail at something.


7. They learn from the past and use past mistakes as a learning tool

In the most literal sense, smart women learn from their mistakes.

They recognize that failure is an opportunity to grow and improve, not a reason to give up.

Smart women don’t let their past define them; they use it as a learning tool for the future.

They know that if you make the same mistake twice, then that means you didn’t learn from it the first time.


8. They think before they speak


Smart women know that words can hurt more than you think they will, so they think twice before opening their mouths.

They don’t say something just because they want to say it; they make sure that what they’re saying is worth saying because once it’s out there, there’s no taking it back.

If you want to be a smart woman, don’t speak before thinking.


9. They don’t gossip

Smart women know that gossiping is only going to make them lose respect from other people, so they avoid talking about other people behind their back.

Their motto is, ”If you don’t have anything good to say about someone else, then keep it inside.”

Gossiping is a bad habit that makes you seem like an insecure person who doesn’t have anything better to do with their time than talk about others behind their backs.


10. They learn how to trust their own instincts

Smart women know how important it is to trust their instincts when making big decisions in their lives.

They believe that if something feels right deep down inside, then it probably is right for them even if everyone else thinks otherwise.

They also know how important it is to follow through with their gut feelings when it comes to making choices based on emotions rather than logic or reason.


11. They have mentors

Smart women know that there are no shortcuts when it comes to success.

If you want something big and meaningful, then it takes hard work and dedication over time.

In order to reach their goals, smart women surround themselves with people who have already achieved what they want.

These mentors give advice and share lessons learned from their own experiences so that the woman can learn from them instead of making the same mistakes over again or learning from trial and error alone.


12. They connect with other women  

Smart women know it’s important to connect with other women.

They learn from other women, they support each other and they share ideas.

They don’t wait for others to reach out to them; they go out of their way to connect with others.

Smart women understand that working alone is not the most effective way to get things done.

They know that working together is far more productive than working alone.

You can be a smart woman without being best friends with everyone you meet, but you need to connect with women who understand the struggles of being a woman, wife, or mom to build a support system.

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