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Smart women are great at relationships.

They don’t just date; they date with class.

They date intelligently.

Although they don’t have it all or know it all.

But they sure know what they want and do not want.

Below are some of the things all smart women do when it comes to relationships:



1. They find a partner who values their goals and ambition

One thing a smart woman does in a relationship is finding a partner who values their goals and ambition.

Finding someone as motivated and driven as you can be challenging.

You don’t want to be with someone who makes you feel bad about your goals or tries to stop you from achieving them. 

Smart women understand that the right partner encourages them to follow their dreams and supports them.

They know they deserve someone who will respect their dreams or ambitions.

This means she should be able to talk about her dreams and aspirations without fear that her partner will belittle them or make fun of her for wanting to achieve them.

2. They are self-confident

Smart women know what they want in a relationship and go after it.

They will not accept less than what they desire as the standard for a loving and healthy relationship.

They are confident enough to know and understand that they deserve a happy and successful relationship.

And if a relationship isn’t what it should be, they are confident enough to speak up and let go if nothing changes.

3. They have great friends

One of the essential things smart women do in relationships is surround themselves with good friends.

Because being close to good friends is vital to having a healthy relationship.

Friends can serve as a support system who can help you through difficult times and be honest with you about the best ways to deal with your partner.

Also, if you don’t have good friends, you’ll feel isolated and alone when you are not hanging out with your partner.

So smart women have great friends, so the burden of companionship does not fall entirely on their partners.

4. They are honest with their partners

Being honest with your partner is integral to any relationship, especially regarding communication. 

You can’t expect to be in a healthy relationship if you’re unwilling to say what you mean and feel. 

Smart women don’t just say what they think their partner wants to hear; they tell him the truth. 

Their men trust them because they know they’ll always be honest with them, even if it hurts.

5. They don’t tolerate Jealousy around them 

Smart women are secure in their identities and happy with their lives.

They don’t need to put others down to feel good about themselves.

They’re too busy focusing on what makes them happy rather than making others feel bad.

A smart woman also knows that jealousy is a waste of energy, so she doesn’t accommodate it. 

She spends her energy on more productive things.

She won’t be jealous of her partner’s friends because she knows how meaningful those friendships are.

She won’t be jealous of her partner’s family because she knows they’re an important part of her partner.

And she isn’t going to be jealous of other women in his life, especially if they do not threaten her relationship in any way.

6. They understand basic dating etiquette

signs he sees you as girlfriend material

They don’t flirt with other people while dating their significant other. 

It’s tacky and can make them feel embarrassed or jealous.

They don’t lead their partners on or leave the running of the relationship to their men.

Smart women know that not adhering to basic dating rules will likely cause conflict later down the road, and they are smart enough not to let that happen. 

7. They appreciate when their partner listens to them

Listening is an integral part of any relationship. 

It shows that you care and want to know more about the other person, which helps build trust and intimacy in a relationship. 

Listeners learn how their partners think and feel, what they need, want, like, and dislike; it also helps people understand each other better. 

This is one of the most important things that smart women do in a relationship: they appreciate when their partner listens to them because they know the value of listening. 

8. They know what they want and go after it

Knowing what you want and going after it is a sign of confidence in a smart woman. 

Knowing what you want can help you find a partner faster, get a job more quickly, make friends easily, and make money faster.

Knowing what you want is vital to a relationship because having goals that align with your partner’s is vital to ensuring that both people are happy.

A smart woman will not waste her time with a guy who doesn’t share her values or her goals.

Smart women are not afraid of commitment. 

They know what they want and are ready to commit to a relationship that gives them everything they need – love, care, and understanding.

9. Smart women maintain good communication with their partners

Communication is essential in every relationship. 

It’s how we communicate that matters.

Smart women know that successful relationships need strong communication skills.

They are unafraid to open up about their feelings and share their thoughts.

Communicating effectively requires listening and understanding what others are saying. 

You also need to ask questions when something is unclear so that both parties can be on the same page regarding an issue or topic of discussion.

When it comes down to it, effective communication is all about being thoughtful and respectful while speaking and listening carefully.

They’re not afraid to take risks.

10. They accept their flaws

Smart women are not perfect. 

They know they have their own quirks and issues, and they don’t expect their partner to be able to fix them. 

This is part of why smart women are so attractive; because they’re comfortable being themselves and accepting other people for who they are, too, without trying to change them.

Smart women make the best of it. 

They accept their own flaws and weaknesses and try to improve them. 

They don’t feel the need to prove themselves all the time.

11.  They are faithful in relationships

They don’t cheat on their partners or think about having affairs because they value loyalty above everything else.

Smart women know there’s no point in messing around with others if you want to keep your relationship strong.

If you want a relationship that lasts, there are some things to consider first.

First of all, fidelity. 

Loyalty is a huge part of any relationship, and if you can’t be faithful to your partner, it shows that they’re not important to you in the long term. 

Smart women know this.

12. They take responsibility for their actions

They don’t blame others for their mistakes but rather accept responsibility for them and learn from them.

No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. 

However, if you want your relationship to thrive, you need to admit when something is wrong and take responsibility for it. 

If you feel like your partner was wronged by you in any way, apologize immediately and make sure they know that it won’t happen again. 

Take ownership of your mistakes and don’t blame others or make excuses for yourself; this will only cause more damage than necessary and may eventually ruin the relationship altogether.

The first thing is to know that you deserve to be treated well by your partner and should not settle for anything less than that. 

The second thing is to ensure you are treating your partner well. 

Then, always have fun together even when things aren’t going great. 

Finally,  speak up about what’s bothering you; don’t let it fester.

Also, remember to give each other space when needed; this doesn’t mean being distant or ignoring each other, but instead giving yourselves room to breathe and grow as individuals while still being close enough for support.

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