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When you started dating this guy, you envisioned a life of happiness with your boo.

He is the best thing that has ever happened to you, and you can’t wait to be called his wife.

Your family and friends are happy you are with a great guy who makes you tick.

It’s been a few years of being together, and he’s not interested in taking it any further.

This is the reality of some women.

They just can’t understand why the man who showers them with a lot of love is not ready to make it a legal lifelong contract.

It can be quite frustrating and painful.

You may be wondering why a great guy like him doesn’t want to get married. 

There are a few reasons why your guy doesn’t seem interested in getting married.

I Want To Get Married But My Boyfriend Doesn’t

1. He doesn’t consider marriage a priority

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While you are fantasizing about building a home with “the absolute love of your life”, he doesn’t see anything like that. He doesn’t see marriage as being so important.

He believes there are so many other things like career, and finance that are of more importance.

Hence, he’s not willing to attach as much importance to it as you do.

If this is the position of your boyfriend, it will be almost impossible for you to get him to reconsider his stance.

A man who doesn’t see marriage as a priority won’t be able to give his best to it if he decides to still go ahead with you.

You will be the one practically doing everything to sustain the marriage.

I can assure you that it will be a terrible place to be. 

2. He doesn’t want to commit to a woman

Marriage is the union of a man and his wife.

This means there’s no provision for extramarital affairs and he feels he doesn’t want to be stuck with just one woman for the rest of his life.

He wants to be able to have open relationships where he can still share time and affection with other women, hence he might not want to get married to you.

Some men see marriage as a cage where they are stuck and they won’t be able to explore other women.

If your guy doesn’t want to commit his life and time to you, he won’t be interested in taking things further.

3. He is not in love with you 

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You may think your boyfriend is in love with you just because of the gifts and attention he’s showering on you but don’t be surprised if says he doesn’t love you.

If a man doesn’t love you, committing to you will be an almost impossible thing to do.

When a man loves you, he will go over and beyond to keep you at his side.

So, if your guy stalls each time you raise the issue of marriage with him, there’s a possibility he doesn’t love you as you think.

Don’t be surprised to see him get married to a lady he loves in six months if you leave him today.

4. He is experiencing financial difficulties 

Marriage is a journey that is full of responsibilities.

A man wants to be able to provide for his family.

He wants to be able to make his family happy.

When he doesn’t have the financial wherewithal, marriage is going to be the last thing on his mind. 

While money is not the primary need of a great relationship, money is an important factor.

It is one of the fuels that keep the relationship engine moving.

Love can turn sour when there’s a lack of finance and generally, men want to be able to meet the needs of their families.

A man’s ego is crushed when he is not able to fulfill his financial obligation. 

Your guy might be head over heels in love with you but be unwilling to take it further if he feels he won’t be able to take care of you as he desires.

5. He is enjoying sex with you

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One of the perks of being married is unlimited access to each other’s bodies.

The husband and wife without any iota of shame and regret can enjoy each other’s bosom.

Interestingly, when your boyfriend is enjoying this same benefit from you, he might not consider marriage a priority.

In his mind, he is already enjoying you right now, why does he need to take it any further since he has you by his side and you’re meeting his sexual needs?

6. He has seen enough bad marriages

If he is a product of a broken home or he is surrounded by people who have cases of broken marriages, he will dread getting married.

Good or bad news are seeds that can mold our lives.

This is why it is important to filter whatever we hear.

If everywhere he faces, he’s met with news of divorce and domestic violence, he might reconsider his stance about marriage being a good thing.

If you discover that your boyfriend doesn’t want to get married because of this reason, you both can consider seeing a professional counselor for help.

7. He feels marriage comes with a lot of expectations

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Marriage indeed comes with a lot of expectations.

There are expectations of honor, respect for each other, forgiveness, trust, etc.

If he feels that he can’t meet up with the expectations, he might not consider marriage. 

8. Both of you are cohabiting 

When two lovers cohabit, it ruins the chances of long-term commitment and accountability.

If you and your boyfriend are cohabiting, he might not see any reason why he should make it a legal union since you are both living under the same roof as a couple and enjoying all the benefits thereof.

If you and your boyfriend are living together at the moment and he has refused your request to make your relationship legal, you may need to consider moving out of the home.

If your guy is stalling each time you talk to him about marriage, you may need to evaluate your relationship with the points mentioned above and this will help you know the next step to take.

It is also important to let you know that you can’t force a man to take an important decision.

If you do, you will be one to bear the brunt.


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