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So, you’ve been with your boyfriend for some time and are unsure if this guy is interested in taking things further or just leading you on.

It can be frustrating not to be able to tell what your boyfriend is really up to.

A guy is said to be leading on when he is showering you with love and attention, making you believe he is all into you, whereas he is just putting up an act. 

If you’ve observed this attitude in your boyfriend and his words and actions don’t match, he may lead you on. 

To find out if he is leading you on or not, watch out for the following signs;


1. He doesn’t communicate with you consistently

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If your boyfriend can go for days without calling or texting you, that’s a sign that he’s not as vested in the relationship as you thought.

A man who truly loves you will find time out of his busy schedule to communicate with you.

If you have to be the one to keep calling to check on him, and then when you call, he is slow to pick up, or he reads your messages and chooses to ignore them while he is online, then you should read the handwriting on the wall. 

2. He is emotionally unavailable

Two lovers are meant to be emotionally available for each other.

They are vulnerable with each other, sharing how well they are into each other.

If you have noticed that your boyfriend doesn’t express his emotional fantasies and desires for you, and even when he does, his words betray his actions, then that’s a clear sign that he is not into you.

Also, if you share how passionate you are about him out of ecstasy, he looks disinterested, then he doesn’t share the same desires with you.

3. He flirts with other women

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If you discover that he has another woman that he flirts with or is still very active on dating sites, this indicates that he is not serious about what you both share.

A man who is deliberate and committed to you won’t do anything to hurt your feelings.

He will put your interest first and be committed to you.  

If he is still flirting with other women, his eyes are still out there.

4. He makes no plans with you.

He makes plans for his future as an individual and leaves you out of it.

He could talk to you about the projects he wants to execute, the trips he wants to make, and the house he wants to build, but he won’t factor you in as an active participant in them.

This may be an indication that he has no plans for your relationship.

5. He doesn’t want to meet with your family and friends

He knows that your family members and friends are essential people in your life, and meeting them means he is serious about what you share.

If he does everything possible to avoid meeting them, saying there’s no need for such yet, then that’s a warning sign.  

He just might be leading you on.

He may also avoid your people because he knows they’ll see through his intentions and him for who he really is. 

You are the one in love with him, not they.

So they are more likely to be objective than you. 

Avoiding them is a way of avoiding their criticism and judgment.

6. He avoids introducing you to important people in his life

If a man is committed to you, he will gladly introduce you to everyone who matters, from his friends to his family.

This is because he wants them to know that you are the woman who has won his heart, but when a guy is leading you on, he avoids doing this.

He knows that taking such an action will mean you’re important and could make it harder for him to back out when the time comes. 

7. All his conversations are geared toward sex

Playboys are known to be experts at doing one thing, ensuring all conversations are geared toward sex.

This helps to portray the intent of their hearts too.

For instance, if you send him a picture of you, his comments will revolve around how hot and sexy you look and how good your body will be in bed.

If your boyfriend is fond of doing this, it clearly indicates that he’s just leading you on and only after what you can offer him, sex.

8. He doesn’t follow through with plans

He cancels at the last minute when you both plan to go on a date without a genuine reason.

When he promises to call, he doesn’t, and you end up calling him.

He is always not keeping up with the plans you both make, and he is always coming up with many excuses to cover up; it’s a sign that he is stringing you on.  

9. Your instinct tells you

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While it is important not to assume things without clear evidence, it is also important not to ignore the voice and nudges within you about your boyfriend.

If you have a strong impression that this guy is leading you on, don’t discard it as a wandering thought.

Please pay attention to it.

There is an excellent possibility that what you feel is the truth.

10.  He is not honest

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If you find that your man has been lying to you, it’s a sure sign of him stringing you on. 

Lies may range from little white lies to major ones, and if he is dishonest with you, it’s a definite sign that he might not be serious about the relationship. 

After all, for you to string someone along, you have to be able to lie convincingly and keep the other person blissfully unaware.

When you observe that your boyfriend is not reciprocating your acts of love and commitment to what you share, you may need to re-evaluate the relationship.

Love is sweet when both parties are willing to make it work and they look out for each other’s interest.

When you observe these signs in a man who claims to love you, it shows that he is only leading you on and the relationship has no future.

If you’ve identified these signs in your boyfriend, you need to evaluate things and make a decision.

Whatever you eventually decide on, remember that you deserve to be happy.





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