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Do you feel your husband is now completely different from the man you married?

Are you both living like perfect strangers in your home, and you can’t stop wondering what went wrong?

Has your husband gradually changed from the best thing that ever happened to you to a man who doesn’t care about you anymore?

Does your husband seem to enjoy the company of his friends more than being with you?

You might be creating the distance between you two without realizing it.

A man who loves his woman would always want to be by her side.

However, when he observes that his wife seems to be taking him for granted, he shifts focus.

Many couples live as strangers in their homes because their relationship is strained.

You’re trying to figure out what you’re doing that is making your husband maintain distance from you.

Let me help you out with a few. Try and see if any of them perfectly describes you.

8 Things You’re Doing That Are Pushing Your Husband Away

1. Lack of intimacy 

Things You're Doing That Are Pushing Your Husband Away

This is one of the major issues causing emotional problems in many homes today.

A healthy home is one where the emotional and sexual needs of partners are met.

Being married allows you to explore and enjoy each other’s company.

The outside world is stressful; hence, the importance of intimacy between couples cannot be overemphasized.

It helps to strengthen the bond they both share.

When a man feels rejected by his wife or his emotional and sexual needs are not met, he could withdraw and seek validation elsewhere.

2. Criticizing and nagging

Things You're Doing That Are Pushing Your Husband Away

If criticism and nagging are your default setting, it is most likely that’s why your husband has been avoiding you.

Men generally hate nagging and criticism. 

Criticizing is an act that involves constantly finding faults in everything he does.

Nagging, on the other hand, means continually prodding your husband into doing your bidding.

Your husband is human, just like you, and it’s not unusual to make mistakes, but when criticism is what you always do, you will come off as one with a negative vibe.

When you always have something negative to say about his plans, looks, and choices, he will also want to maintain his distance from you so you don’t crush his self-esteem.

It is not unusual to have an expectation of your husband, but when he sees that you constantly nag him to set him straight, he will start avoiding you, impacting your marriage negatively.

3. You are controlling

Things You're Doing That Are Pushing Your Husband Away


When you try to control your husband’s choices, plans, decisions, and activities, he will withdraw from you emotionally and physically.

Your husband needs a wife, not a controller general.

When you always want to have the final say in every decision in your relationship with him or his personal life, it’s an indication of being controlling.

You are two adults who decided to come together as a couple. 

If you observe that your husband has been withdrawing from you, you might have been trying to subtly or directly control him.

4. Lack of communication 


Things You're Doing That Are Pushing Your Husband Away

Lack of communication can impede a healthy relationship between a man and his wife.

When you both relate with each other like strangers, your partner may start diverting his attention elsewhere. 

When you constantly hold back your thoughts, ideas, and needs, it could send a wrong signal to your husband. 

Honest and healthy conversations about your thoughts, plans, aspirations, goals, and intimacy strengthen your bond.

5. Disrespecting his boundaries 

Even though you both are couples, it is important also to respect each other’s boundaries.

Boundaries here imply the limit of what an individual can accept from his partner.

When couples respect each other’s boundaries, it enhances their relationship.

There can be instances where you unintentionally overstep your boundaries with your husband, which is fine and understandable.

However, when you constantly seek to push his limits or are in the habit of invading his privacy, you are pushing him away. 

6. Lack of appreciation 

Things You're Doing That Are Pushing Your Husband Away

When couples make it a habit of appreciating each other, it makes both of them keep looking out for each other’s interests. 

Everyone likes to be appreciated by their partners.

It helps the partner feel valued and happy.

When you refuse to constantly praise your husband for his efforts and contributions towards you and the family, he will want to look elsewhere for recognition and acceptance. 

Some women feel that men don’t need appreciation.

This is far from the truth.

They want you to show them that you are aware of their sacrifices.

7. Negativity 

As a wife, you must be your husband’s cheerleader and vice versa.

It is best that you carry an aura of positivity always.

This will make it easy for your husband to trust you with his thoughts, plans, and ideas.

When you are always negative and quick to comment about how an idea will not work, your husband will withdraw from you.

Being pessimistic about issues will discourage your partner from sharing his ideas with you.

He won’t be able to trust your intention towards him.

8. Always referring to his past misdeeds 

Things You're Doing That Are Pushing Your Husband Away

Marriage thrives when partners learn to forgive each other.

Both parties are imperfect people, and misunderstandings are unavoidable.

It is, therefore, important to be a forgiver. 

Learning how to let go of disagreements you’ve had in the past is important.

If your husband was in the wrong and he has apologized, you should forgive. 

When you always emphasize past mistakes and errors, it will create tension between you two, and your husband may start avoiding you.

A good marriage is a journey of deliberateness between two lovers who are ready to walk and work together.

It is essential to pay attention to each other’s needs and be ready to meet them.

When you observe that your husband has become emotionally distant though physically present, you must check within to see where you are missing it.

Have an honest conversation with your husband and be willing to change where necessary.


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