13 Cute Signs He Loves You Deeply

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Men are sometimes hard to read and can make you wonder if they love you indeed.

Since they don’t always come right out and say it, you have to look out for other signs he loves you deeply.

Even when they tell you the three magic words, you still need to see if their actions match with their words.

So how do you tell if a man truly loves you?

What are things a man does for the woman he loves?

Below are thirteen signs a man loves you deeply:

13 Cute Signs He Loves You Deeply

1. He’s always there when you need him

Signs He Loves You Deeply

It’s as simple as that. If he’s there for you, then he loves you.

If he’s not there for you, then he doesn’t love you.

But what does “there” mean?

It means that if you’re in trouble or need help with something, he will be there for you, encouraging you, comforting you, making you feel better, and assuring you that you’re not alone.

Whether it’s just to talk or to be your shoulder to cry on, he’s the first person you think of when you need support.

Because you know he’ll always be there for you, no matter what.

That guy that makes you feel like you’re not alone loves you.

2. He supports your dreams and passion 

When a man loves you, he wants to see you succeed.

He will encourage you to follow your dreams and give you the support that you need in order to achieve them.

He will help you to make a plan for how to get there and then he will help you stick to it. 

If he’s not doing any of these things, then he probably doesn’t care about the person that you are inside or what makes you happy.

3. He likes to see you smile and be happy

Signs He Loves You Deeply

A guy who loves you wants to make you laugh, not just any laugh—the laugh that comes from deep inside of you.

The one where your cheeks hurt and you can’t stop smiling.

He wants to see you smile when he walks in the door.

He likes to know that he has the power to take away all of your troubles, even if only temporarily.

When you’re upset about something, he does whatever he can to make things better for you, even if it means just listening.

That’s the guy who loves you.

Your happiness makes him happy.

4. He cares about your safety

A man who truly loves you will be protective of you. 

This doesn’t mean he’ll be a controlling boyfriend, but it does mean he’ll want to make sure that you’re safe and healthy.

If he’s worried about how many hours you’re working or what time you go to bed, he cares about your well-being—and that means something.

5. He will be there for every important moment in your life

Signs He Loves You Deeply

Whether it’s celebrating your birthday with a cake and candles (and maybe even some singing), cheering on your graduation from college, or celebrating an achievement, a guy who loves you deeply will always be there to celebrate with you.

He can’t be missing days that are remarkable for you.

6. He loves spending time with you

Signs He Loves You Deeply

If your guy is constantly making excuses for why he can’t see you or if he’s never available when you ask, you should wonder if he loves you at all.

A man who loves you will enjoy spending time with you whether through phone calls, chats, or in person.

He won’t go MIA and leave you to wonder where he’s been (aka ghosting).

When a man loves you deeply, he will keep in touch with you.

No questions!

7. He listens to you 

Signs He Loves You Deeply

A guy who deeply loves you will listen to you.

When you’re talking, he’s not checking his phone, or looking at the clock.

He’s not thinking about how he has to get up early tomorrow or what he needs to do at work on Monday.

He’s not planning out the rest of his day or thinking about what he’ll have for dinner.

He’s paying attention to what you’re saying and listening so intently that he doesn’t hear anything else.

He wants to make sure you know that he cares about what you think and feel and that those things are important to him.

If he’s not listening, he’s not interested in what you have to say—and that means he doesn’t care about your thoughts and feelings.

8. He encourages you to be your best self

A guy who loves you deeply will encourage you to be your best self.

This means he not only wants you to be happy, but he also wants to see you grow and develop as a person.

He might be the one who encourages you to take risks and try new things.

If he loves you deeply, he’ll want nothing more than for you to reach your full potential in life.

9. He’s open about his feelings for you

If he’s open about his feelings for you, it means that he isn’t afraid to talk about his emotions and share what he’s thinking.

He’ll tell you when he’s happy, sad, or upset—and if something’s bothering him, he’ll tell you why.

He doesn’t play games with how he feels—and that means honesty is important to him because it shows respect for both himself and you.

Simply put, a guy who loves you will not play games with you.

He knows what he wants and you’re what he wants.

10. He won’t abuse you physically or emotionally

Signs He Loves You Deeply

Abuse can take many forms: physical, emotional, financial, or even sexual.

A man who loves you deeply will not abuse you physically or emotionally.

If he does, he has some serious issues that need to be addressed.

If he’s hitting you, calling you names and making fun of you in front of his friends, or trying to control every aspect of your life, then he doesn’t love you.

It doesn’t matter if he says he loves you, but he doesn’t love you.

A man who loves you will respect your feelings.

11. He shows interest in your family and friends 

A guy who loves you truly shows interest in your family and friends.

He will want to know about them and be supportive of your relationships with them.

He might even want to meet with your parents and put in the effort to make a good impression on them.

This shows that he’s willing to put himself out there for you and prove that he wants the relationship to work out.

A man who doesn’t love you will ruin your relationship with your loved ones because he wants to have you all to himself.

That’s selfishness at its peak!

12. He accepts you 

A guy who loves deeply will not try to change who you are as a person or try to mold you into someone else entirely different than what made him fall in love with you in the first place.

He will accept all of your quirks and imperfections without any judgment whatsoever but also encourages you to work on your weaknesses, so you can be better.

13. He looks at you with love in his eyes

Signs He Loves You Deeply

A guy who loves you deeply will look at you with love in his eyes.

When he looks at you, he’ll see the woman that he fell in love with—the woman who makes him feel like nothing else matters but her.

He’ll see your beauty and accept it as his own.

He won’t think about how many calories are in your favorite dessert or how much weight you might have gained since the last time he saw you.

Instead, he’ll see a beautiful person who has captured his heart in every way possible, and he’ll be overwhelmed by it.

If your man is doing any of these things, they’re a pretty good indication that he loves you deeply.

These are certainly not all of the signs to look for (there are plenty more) but if your guy exhibits most or all of them, then he probably loves you with all his heart.

Signs He Loves You Deeply

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