10 Signs He Still Loves You After Breakup

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A breakup can be devastating, especially if you and your ex were together for a long time or had plans for the future.

After a breakup, you might be wondering if your ex still has feelings for you or it’s over for him. 

If you’re having doubts about whether he still loves you after the breakup, here are signs that might help:


10 Signs He Still Loves You After Breakup 

1. He might try to be your friend and catch up with your life

 Signs he still loves you after breakup

If he is still in love with you after breakup, there’s a chance that he will want to be friends with you. 

He knows that being your friend after breakup is a way to remain close to you and increase the possibility of getting back with you. 

If he is not interested in being friends, then there’s no hope for you to get back together with him.


2. He always makes himself available for your needs

 Signs he still loves you after breakup

This is one of the biggest signs that a man still loves you after breakup.

He wants to make sure you are happy and always be there for you.

Just because you’ve broken up doesn’t mean he has stopped caring about you and he acts in ways to prove that to you.

A guy who cares about your wellbeing loves you, even if you’re no longer together.


3. He is jealous when you are dating someone else

If doesn’t love you anymore, why should he be concerned about your relationship with other men? 

If your ex still loves you, he will get jealous whenever he sees that someone else has got your attention.

He might try to find out more about the guy to know if he’s a worthy rival and also to make sure that no harm comes to you. 

He doesn’t want you to meet anyone new because it hurts him deeply that you have moved on.


4. He keeps in touch with your family

Your ex may want to spend time with your family as a way of feeling like you’re still in his life, because he misses hanging out with them.

He might also use this opportunity to feel like he’s still a part of your life, even if it’s only in small doses.

If this is the case, then it’s likely that the next step for him would be to try and win over some favor from your family members so that they’ll put in good word for him to you. 

I remember an ex who kept visiting my parents with the hope that they’d make me to get back to him. 

Of course, my parents put in a good word for him but that didn’t change my decision. 

There was a reason I broke up with him and keeping in touch with my parents wouldn’t change that.

Nice try, though. 


5. He might become obsessed with you and getting back with you 

 Signs he still loves you after breakup

When he knows that he still loves you after your breakup but you no longer have feelings for him, his love may turn into obsession.

He won’t want anyone else but you in his life.

He’ll want to know every detail about your life and how things are going after the breakup.

He might start stalking your social media accounts and calling your friends to get information about you. 

He might send you flowers or other gifts to show his affection for you. 


6. He keeps asking to see you

If he is still in love with you, he’ll be trying to find ways to be around you.

Even if he doesn’t want to restore the relationship, he may want to keep seeing you because he’s not ready to let go just yet.

If you’re having a hard time believing this, ask yourself why he would want to see you so often. 


7. He doesn’t want to be with anyone else

If he has moved on, there will be no reason for him not to date other people.

If he’s dating someone and he doesn’t hide it from you, it means he’s putting the past behind him and moving on from whatever you guys shared 

However, if your ex boyfriend is not ready to date other people or even spend time around them, he’s probably yet to get over you., especially if you were the one who initiated the breakup. 


8. He still keeps in contact

It is normal for couples to lose contact after a breakup.

So if he’s still in contact with you, there’s a good chance he’s still in love with you.

It would be hard for him to totally cut off communication even if he wanted to.

If he texts you every once in a while, or calls you to make sure you’re doing okay after a breakup, he still cares about you.


8. He still keeps the important things which remind him of you both

People usually return their ex’s stuff to them after a breakup and they also request their stuff back. 

But if your ex still holds on to the things that remind him of you, it is a sign he still has feelings for you.

He may have kept a picture of you or even a gift that you gave him.

He may also have kept some clothing or jewelry that belonged to you both.


9. His friends say he still loves you


This is probably one of the most common signs that a guy still loves you after a breakup—his friends have noticed.

Your ex has a lot of people in his life who care about him—and they’re not going to lie to you. 

If they say that he still talks about you or thinks about you all the time, better believe them. 

Why would they lie to you? 


10. He tells you he still loves you 

Signs he still loves you after breakup


This is the clearest sign of all.

If he’s telling you that he still loves you, it’s likely that he really does.

It might be a ploy to get you back but saying it means something. 



If you are still not sure about what is going on, ask him straight out if he still loves you.

He might be surprised at first but it will give him a chance to clear things up and let you know his intentions. 

If he really does love you and wants you back, and you want him back, this will be the perfect opportunity for him to show it by convincing you of his feelings through words and actions.

If not, then good luck in finding someone new. 

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