6 Signs You’re Good in Bed

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When you’re married, you’re going to have sex more often than you did when you were single.

And if you’re not great at it?

That can make things feel a little awkward, which means you’re not as likely to enjoy yourself.

But if you are great at it?

Your husband or wife is going to be happy. 

People who are sexually satisfied tend to be happier than those who are not. 

Trust me, it’s true. I’ve been married for six years. 

So what does it mean to be good in bed? What are the signs that you’re making your spouse happy in the bedroom? 

6 Signs You’re Good in Bed

1. You’re good at reading your partner’s body

Signs You're Good in Bed

When you’re good at reading your partner’s body, you can tell what they’re thinking and feeling without them saying a word. 

This is a skill that comes in handy in so many situations, and it’s often a sign that you’re good in bed.

You can tell how turned on your partner is by looking at their body language, or by listening to their breathing patterns.

If they’re trying to control their breathing or cover up the fact that they’re turned on, you know they might be nervous or shy.

But if they seem to be taking deep breaths and letting them out slowly, they’re probably feeling really good.

If they don’t like being touched in a way, you can tell from their body language. 


2. You’re patient and know how to take things slow

Signs You're Good in Bed

This is a great sign of a good sex partner.

Patience is a virtue.

And when it comes to sex, it’s a must-have for good sex. 

Because sex is a journey, not a race.

I don’t mean you should take forever to get to the point, but rather that you should be able to read your partner’s body language and communicate with them about what they want from the experience.

You need to be able to gauge whether they are enjoying themselves, and if not, what needs to change.

And then once you have figured out what needs changing, make it happen. 

If you’re in a rush, you won’t be able to take advantage of all the little nuances that make an experience truly memorable.

But you slow down and enjoy the ride; you’re good! 


3. You’re not afraid to ask for what you want, but you always make sure it’s okay with your partner first

Being able to communicate openly about what you want and need is a sign that you’re comfortable enough with yourself and your partner to be able to articulate your needs.

It also shows respect for your partner, and demonstrates that you care about their feelings as well as your own.

Asking for what you want in bed can be tricky—especially if you’ve never had experience doing so before.

If you don’t communicate your needs, how will your partner meet them? 

Because when it comes down to it, one simple act can make all the difference in whether or not your sexual experience is satisfying or unsatisfying. 

And asking for what you want doesn’t have to be complicated—a simple “is this okay?” will do the trick just fine.


4. You can laugh at yourself—and at each other

Signs You're Good in Bed

Laughing about sex is a sign that you’re comfortable enough with each other and your own sexuality to have fun with it.

They say if you don’t laugh when you’re doing it, you’re doing it with the wrong person. 

Laughing is a great way to keep things light, which is important in bed, because sex can be scary and weird sometimes.

Laughing at yourself and your partner will help you stay loose, relaxed, and open to new experiences.

Plus, laughter is contagious.

If you’re laughing with your partner, they’re more likely to laugh with you—in bed, and out of it. 


5. You know how to listen to your partner and make them feel heard, even if you don’t agree with them

Being good in bed means that you’re not only giving your partner pleasure, but that you’re doing it in a way that makes them feel heard and respected.

Listening is a crucial part of good sex, and it’s something that can be difficult to master. 

So if you’re able to listen to understand what your partner likes, what they don’t like, and how they want things done, you’re good!

 Listening allows you to understand what your partner needs from you, and then tailor your approach accordingly.


6. You’re good at making them feel safe and comfortable

Signs You're Good in Bed

When it comes to sex, one of the most important things you can do is make your partner feel like they’re safe and comfortable.

That’s because when people feel safe, they can let go and enjoy themselves more.

You’re good at making them feel safe and comfortable.

Part of putting your partner at ease is also checking in with them to make sure they’re feeling good.

You don’t take their pleasure for granted—you make it a priority, even if that means slowing down or stopping for a second until they’re ready to continue.

Now you know that being good in bed is not just about having the right moves and knowing what to say.

Being good in bed means knowing how to be there for your partner, giving them your full attention—and your body—and making them feel like they’re the only person in the world.

It means being vulnerable, letting yourself go and having fun. 


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  1. l love that you understand that sex is a process. It is giving me hope for all the great sex in my near future. I have struggled being comfortable in my body performance. I want to be vulnerable and carefree. It’s hard when there are so many thoughts floating through my mind.


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