10 Annoying Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend

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What are the signs of a clingy girlfriend?

Clinginess is a serious problem in relationships because it can lead to resentment and make your partner feel suffocated.

It also makes you appear insecure and needy, which isn’t attractive at all.

If you are a clingy girlfriend, you may not even realize it.

You might feel like you’re just a good girlfriend, but your boyfriend may be getting annoyed with your behavior.

You don’t want to be the girl that he doesn’t want to be with because you are suffocating him.


Who is a Clingy Girlfriend?

A clingy girlfriend who is a needy girlfriend who loves her partner so much that she can’t stand the thought of being apart from him.

Love does make us do things that scare our partners away – like being too clingy, and when we feel insecure about our relationship or ourselves in general, we tend to make mistakes.

Below are signs of a clingy girlfriend. Find out if you are guilty:

10 Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend

1. You try to get him to like/comment on all your new Facebook posts and pics

Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend

You are clingy if you try to get him to like/comment on all your new Facebook posts and pics.

You want to share your life with him, and it’s not uncommon for girls who are in love to be hyper-focused on what their partners think about them.

You may even take pride in the fact that he loves you so much that he follows your every move, from Instagram likes to Twitter retweets.

But when this kind of behavior becomes obsessive, it can become unhealthy—and it could lead your guy to feel smothered by you.


2. You expect him to text you back immediately

If you’re the kind of girl who expects your boyfriend to text you back immediately, you’re probably a clingy girlfriend.

I get it—you want to feel like he’s always thinking about you.

But you have to understand that your boyfriend might not be able to text you back immediately every time.

He might be busy working, studying, or even just taking a little break from his phone.

Also, men are different from women in communication.

A man needs time and space to process things on his own before he can communicate effectively with you again.

He also might not always want to talk about what’s on his mind at the moment.

Sometimes, it’s better for him just to deal with it in silence or spend time alone or with other people doing stuff away from your relationship (like going fishing).

In a relationship, your partner has other obligations and responsibilities that might prevent them from getting back to you right away.

You shouldn’t take it personally.

Just because they didn’t respond within seconds doesn’t mean they don’t love you.


3. He is the only person you talk about in conversation

Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend

If you talk about your boyfriend too much, it is a sign that you are clingy.

You can’t stop talking about him.

You’re not just going on and on about your boyfriend—you’re doing it with everyone.

You can’t help yourself because he’s the only person you want to talk about.

This is one of the huge signs of a clingy girlfriend.


4. You have to speak with him every night before bed

Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend

It’s 11:30 pm, and you can’t sleep because you’re waiting to hear from your boyfriend.

You have to speak with him every night before bed; otherwise, it feels like something is wrong.

It’s not just about hearing his voice or getting reassurance that he loves you; it’s also about making sure that he knows how much you love and want to talk to him.

You can’t wait until tomorrow morning—you need to speak with him tonight!

This is a big sign of clinginess.

It’s okay to hear from your partner before you sleep, but this shouldn’t, can’t be every night.


5. You feel jealous if you find out he was talking to another girl

Jealousy is a natural reaction to a partner talking to another person.

Having those feelings is normal, but when they get out of hand, they can make you feel and appear insecure.

Because when we are jealous of others, it means that we don’t believe our partner will choose us over them.

So you need your partner’s reassurance that they love you more than anyone else, and the jealousy goes away once you get that reassurance from him.


6. You call in sick or miss work so that you can be with him

Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend

If you’re in a relationship with someone and you feel the need to call in sick or miss work so that you can be with him, it’s probably time for an intervention.

Because that is clinginess at its very peak.

While it might seem like a romantic gesture at first, this behavior is detrimental to your career and the relationship.

Both partners in a relationship should have their own lives, separate from one another.

This includes having friends outside of each other, pursuing personal goals and interests, and taking care of personal responsibilities that are unrelated to the relationship.


7. You spend most of your time with him without wanting anything else to do outside of your time together

Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend

The two of you are inseparable.

You spend most of your time together, and if he’s not with you, then he is always on your mind.

You don’t have much to do outside of your relationship, and when you go out with friends or family members, it feels like a chore—something that must be done because it’d be rude not to attend.

In a healthy relationship, you should desire your own space and time alone so you can recharge yourself and have some fun without worrying about what your partner is doing.

We all need this for our relationships with others—especially romantic ones—to be healthy.

If you are constantly trying to monopolize all or most of your partner’s free, they’ll soon tire of you.


8. When things aren’t going well, you find yourself texting him constantly or blowing up his phone until he responds

When things aren’t going so well, maybe you had a fight, and you find yourself texting your boyfriend constantly or blowing up his phone until he responds – even if it’s just a short, “I’m busy can’t talk right now” message, then you are clingy.

You do this because you fear that your partner has moved on.

You need to trust that your partner will reach out to you when he feels ready.

And if you can’t do that, that screams clinginess.


9. You constantly need reassurance that he loves you

If you find yourself frequently wondering if your boyfriend still loves you and you are constantly looking for reassurance, then you may be a clingy girlfriend.

It’s sweet when your boyfriend tells you he loves you, but if you always need him to tell you or you ask him over and over again if he loves you, then it’s a problem.


10. He often tells you to stop asking so many questions

Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend

If your boyfriend is always telling you to stop asking questions, then he’s probably getting sick of your clinginess.

He wants space and privacy and doesn’t want to have to explain himself all the time.

If he’s constantly telling you to stop asking questions about where he was or what he was doing when he went out with his friends, then it’s because he doesn’t want to answer those questions anymore.

It’s a clear sign you’ve been a clingy girlfriend.


A little neediness is normal—after all, we’re human beings with emotions.

But if it becomes a constant state of emotion from you, it’s a huge problem!

Give the guy some space and fill your time doing things you enjoy.

That will reduce your clinginess, and your boyfriend will love you for it and miss you like crazy.

Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend


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