10 Signs He’s Done With You

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Breakup is painful, but what’s more painful is when a guy is done with you but has refused to break up with you.

Maybe he expects that you’ll get the memo and know that he’s done with you. 

Has your relationship been feeling a little off lately?

Are you sensing a shift in your guy’s behavior?

A gut feeling can sometimes tell you everything you need to know, but it’s nice to have some validation.

So here are ten signs that he might be done with you.

10 Signs He’s Done With You

1: He’s become emotionally distant

Have you noticed that the emotional connection that you once cherished has started to fade?

One of the biggest signs that he’s done with the relationship is emotional distancing.

If he’s no longer sharing his thoughts, feelings, or daily happenings with you, or if he seems uninterested when you share yours, he might be emotionally withdrawing.

I know there might be some days he’s just not in the mood to talk, and that’s understandable.

But if it happens too often and you feel like he’s pushing you away, then that might be a sign that it’s over.

 2: He spends less time with you

signs he's done with you

In the early days of your relationship, he couldn’t wait to see you.

He planned and looked forward to the dates.

But now, he seems to be busier than ever.

When you raise the issue of spending time together, his answer is usually a generic “Yeah, maybe someday” or something similar.

Even when you make or suggest plans, he comes up with reasons (aka excuses) why it’s not possible.

Yeah, he could be busy, or he’s not into the relationship anymore.

3: He avoids talking about the future

If he’s done with you, he might dodge conversations about the future.

Before, you’d talk about dreams, plans, and your future together.

Now, he changes the subject or gives vague answers when the future comes up.

It’s because he no longer sees you featuring in his future.

4: He’s become more critical and less supportive

Your boo should be your number one fan.

Of course, it doesn’t mean he’s going to say yes to everything you do.

But if he starts to be more critical and less supportive of your dreams, it could mean the end is near. 

Sure, he can still make constructive criticisms, but when it comes down to it, a partner should always have your back, no matter what, except if you are doing something bad or illegal.

If you are not, and he sees faults in everything you do, from the way you style your hair to the thing you wear, then something ain’t right, sis!

5. His communication with you has decreased

signs he's done with you

Tell me, what’s a relationship without communication?

I’ll tell you.

A relationship without communication is like a car without wheels – it won’t go anywhere!

Communication is the backbone of any healthy relationship.

Before, he used to text, call, or chat with you often.

But that’s no longer happening.

He now takes forever to reply to your messages.

And even when you communicate, it’s like you are trying to pull teeth.

They say when communication is getting shorter with you, it’s getting longer with someone else.

I don’t know if that’s the case with your guy, but all I know is that reduced communication isn’t a positive sign.

6: He doesn’t engage in problem-solving

signs he's done with you

I’ve not met a couple who doesn’t have their fair share of problems.

But what separates couples who stay together from those who don’t is that they work on finding solutions to the issues they face.

And that’s where your guy fails miserably.

When you have issues, he no longer seems interested in resolving them because he is done.

Instead of taking the time to talk things through, he might dismiss your concerns, avoid conversations, or repeatedly say, “Do whatever you want.”

He doesn’t care what the outcome of the problem is anymore.

And that’s a sign that he doesn’t care about your relationship. 

7: He’s secretive about his phone or social media

I believe in a relationship; there should be a good balance between privacy and transparency. 

Just because you are dating doesn’t mean you have to share each other’s passwords or read each other’s private texts.

But if your guy is suddenly being very secretive about his phone, social media accounts, and emails, he may be hiding something from you, like talking to another girl or lying about where he’s going.

8: He doesn’t say “I love you” as often

Affectionate words can speak volumes about feelings.

If his “I love you” has become rare or non-existent, his feelings are surely changing.

I understand that some people are less verbally expressive than others, but if he used to express his affection through words and now he’s not saying “I love you” at all, he may no longer feel the same way about you as before.

9: You feel like you are in a one-sided relationship

signs he's done with you

One of the biggest signs a guy is done with you is when you feel like your relationship is one-sided. 

You are putting in all the effort and doing things for your guy, but he isn’t reciprocating. 

He doesn’t seem to care about what you want or need and doesn’t make an effort to make you feel loved or appreciated. 

You are doing all the calling, texting, making plans, gifting,  etc., while your guy is just sitting back and taking it in. 

It’s definitely a red flag if he stops putting in the effort to make the relationship work.

The dude is not invested anymore. 

They say someone’s effort is a reflection of their interest in you.

I agree!

10: Your gut feeling tells you something is off

signs he's done with you

Women are blessed with intuition, and if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

If you keep getting a weird feeling that something is wrong in your relationship or he’s not being honest with you, trust those instincts. 

It’s better to be informed and have an open conversation rather than stay in the dark and let things fester. 

Remember, these are just signs, not definitive proof.

Be sure to talk to your guy before coming to any conclusions. 

And if after talking to him, things still don’t add up…it might be time to walk away. 

Don’t waste your time and energy on someone who isn’t invested in you. 


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