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Everyone wants to be loved and accepted.

We want to be treated with respect and dignity.

Being taken for granted is not a good place to be at all.

It makes one feel unloved and unwanted.

Being taken for granted means being taken advantage of, unvalued, and unappreciated.

How you allow people to treat you is dependent on you.

If you present yourself as a doormat where anyone can come and dust his feet, you sure will have many treat you as one.

When you observe that guys are taking you for granted, it is mostly your fault.

You are an adult; you shouldn’t allow another adult to treat you dishonorably.

You need to know that you are your first cheerleader.

When you love, respect, and honor yourself, it will be difficult for anyone to treat you in an unwholesome way.

You are beautiful and smart, and yet you observe that guys have been taking advantage of you all this time?

It could be because of the following reasons.

7 Reasons Guys Always Take You For Granted

1. They don’t love you

Reasons Guys Always Take You For Granted

Love is an integral part of a relationship, and it is important that both parties love each other.

If you have always been in a relationship where you are always the one who goes all out for your boyfriend without him reciprocating it, then there’s a possibility of being taken for granted.

When you are in a relationship with a guy who you love but doesn’t love you, he will take you for granted.

He will make it seem like you are the one forcing yourself on him.

If this has been your experience, from this moment, ensure to go into a relationship with guys who love you with all their hearts.

A man who loves you won’t take you for granted.

He will treat you like the queen that you are.

2. You have  low self-esteem

Reasons Guys Always Take You For Granted

Low self-esteem and inferiority complex have driven some ladies into the hands of guys who treat them like a piece of trash.

Low self-esteem means a lack of self-worth and importance.

An inferiority complex is a feeling of inadequacy and inferiority to others.

Some ladies are beautiful, smart, and doing well for themselves, yet are suffering from low self-esteem.

This drives them into the hands of guys who, in turn, treat them in unwholesome ways.

They feel stuck with these guys because they see nothing good in themselves, and they believe they don’t deserve any better.

As a lady, it is important to build healthy self-esteem.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

You are the first beholder of yourself.

You should always seek to validate yourself.

Don’t wait for any man to validate you.

When some guys see that you lack value for yourself and see no good in yourself, they will prey on your vulnerability and take advantage of you.

3. You lack boundaries

When you allow everyone to have access to you anytime they want, it shows you lack boundaries.

Guys would always want to test your boundary.

And when you allow them to get away with it, they will continue and eventually take you for granted.

Don’t be emotional about your boundaries.

Let your stance be made known to all who come close.

When a lady is so desperate for love and attention, she will most probably throw away the boundaries she has set so she can get what she wants.

Interestingly, when guys see this, they come close to show you love and invade your space, and they take advantage of you.

If you observe that guys have been taking you for granted, you may have let your guard down and given them undue privilege and access to you.

4. They feel entitled to your life

The entitlement mentality is one of the factors that can kill a beautiful relationship.

When an individual feels he has a right and is entitled to whatever his partner is doing, he sure wouldn’t appreciate it.

When guys feel entitled to your time, your attention, and your gifts, it shows that they are taking you for granted.

No one can be entitled to your life if you don’t allow them to be.

It is important to always take responsibility for your life.

5. Lack of communication


The ability to communicate our likes, dislikes, needs, and intention is a great way for people to know us and what we stand for.

It is important to note that no one is a mind reader; hence, there’s a tendency for people to take you for granted if you don’t learn to communicate.

When a guy hurts you, and you overlook it, he is not going to realize what he has done, and he is going to do it over and over again.

By this, you have allowed him to take you for granted.

Learn to communicate your feelings without fear.

You have to learn how to prioritize yourself, and you will see that guys will stop taking you for granted.

6. You lack confidence


Self-confidence means trusting in your abilities and skills.

When you lack self-confidence, you give people the opportunity to look down on you and take advantage of you.

Lack of self-confidence usually stems from low self-esteem.

When guys see that you don’t believe in yourself, they will seize that opportunity to prey on you.

It is, therefore, important that you look within and gain your confidence back.

7. You are a “Yes” lady

If you are known for always saying “Yes” just because you don’t want to hurt anyone, be sure that you will be unvalued.

Ladies who always say “Yes” to everything, even when it’s not convenient, are setting themselves up.

These types of people want to be on the good side of everyone.

Little do they know that not learning to say “no” is a disadvantage.

When some guys know this about you, they will take you for granted.

You must always look out for yourself first at every point.

If guys are taking you for granted, do not think that’s how it is for every lady.

There are ladies they can’t mess with.

So, you must evaluate yourself and see how you have put yourself in such situations.

Don’t be at the mercy of men.

Take hold of your life.

This article is not to judge you in any way but to help you realize what it is about you that makes guys take you for granted and how you can avoid it. 

I hope you find the advice here helpful. 

Remember, you are worth more than gold, and don’t let anyone tell you different. 


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