10 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

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You might pass through so much pain at the end of a relationship.

Breakups usually come with a wave of different emotions such as feelings of betrayal, anger, confusion and grief.

It is rather difficult to let go of what happened in the past and move on, but what if you start noticing that your ex wants you back?

How can you know that your ex misses you and wants you back?

There are signs your ex wants you back.

Recognising them and figuring them out is where the real work lies.

I have listed some of the most likely signs your ex wants you back below.

Take some time to go through them and satisfy your curiosity.

10 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

  1. They Are Eager To Share Things With You

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

One of the signs your ex wants you back is that they are eager to share their things with you when you’re in need.

It doesn’t matter if it’s their car, a spare phone, helping you to move, or anything; they are always glad to be at your beck and call.

If you desperately want someone back into your life, you’d want to go out of your way to help them, so you can impress them and also show how willingly you are to do anything to get them back.

This is one of the easiest ways to make both of you feel like an item again.

Bear in mind, however, that it is totally up to you to decide how close you want them to get to you.

If you don’t want them all up in your space, I’ll advise that you stop going to them for help.

They should be your last option.

You can keep the line of communication open if you miss them too.


  1. They Are Interested In Your Love Life

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

It’s normal for ex-lovers to reminisce on shared memories and catch up on their big life events when they meet.

However, if your ex is rather interested in knowing about your love life and making a discussion of it, they might just be poking to know how you feel about your new love interest.

By doing such, they’re invariably trying to see if they still have a chance to get back into your life.

You’ll also notice that they keep announcing their relationship status unsolicited if they’re still single.

They won’t fail to mention it in texts and conversations to show their availability.

It is one of the signs your ex wants you back.


  1. They Want To Stay In Touch With You 

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

When your ex makes it a duty to check up on you regularly through calls and text messages, it could be that they miss you.

It is a great idea to give each other space after a breakup.

But if your ex is not doing that, he still cares and hasn’t moved on.

If he still calls you and tries to play catch up on the recent events in your life, he probably wants you back.


  1. They Check Up On You Through Your Mutual Friends

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Another sign your ex wants you back is if he keeps checking on you through your mutual friends.

This strongly applies when you have been together for a long time and have mutual friends.

Someone who has moved on will let go of such contacts, but if your ex is still reaching out to your loved ones and fishing around directly or indirectly for details of your present life, it should ring a bell.

He simply hasn’t been able to move on or most likely wants you back.


  1. They Admit To Their Role In The Breakup

One of the signs your ex wants you back is when they acknowledge the role they played in the breakup.

This often happens when they do not want the relationship to end.

They are hopeful that both of you can get back together if they can own up to their own mistakes in the relationship and the breakup. 


  1. They Keep You Updated About Their Lives 

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

If they regularly update you about whatever they do, it’s one of the signs your ex wants you back.

They tell you about a new pet, the new promotion at work, the current project they’re working on, share personal information with you, or even talk about a movie they saw.

It’s simple – they’re just trying to reconnect with you romantically and maybe let you know they are doing better than when you were together. 

They want you back in their lives.

Otherwise, why the TMI (Too Much Information)?


  1. They’re Always Needing Your Help

When you reach out to an ex for help, it should not be counted as a sign that you want to get back with them, especially if it happened once or twice.

Your antenna should be high up in the air; however, if your ex can’t seem to stop reaching out to you and asking for your help.

Sometimes, they might come up with lame excuses and reasons that look like a deliberate attempt to fix a meeting just to see you.

If you press harder and ask them what they’re up to, you’ll end up hearing how much they’ve missed you and want both of you to get back together.


  1. They Are Not Seeing Anyone Else Since The Breakup

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Never in the history of breakups has any one of them ever been easy or sweet.

The truth is that everyone who ever goes through a breakup needs a breather right after that phase.

At that point, it is tough to get romantically involved with another person.

But ruling out dating completely is considered abnormal.

If it has been a long time since you had a breakup and your ex hasn’t agreed to date anyone else, he might want you back.

This is especially true if they had the ideal relationship with you and are now afraid of starting all over with someone new.

It could also mean they are looking for ways to rekindle your dead relationship.


  1. They Can’t Stop Talking About Your Memories Together 

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Your ex wants you back if they seize every opportunity to talk about the happy memories both of you created in the past.

If not, why would they choose a starry night to send you a text of something cute that happened between both of you?

Your ex can’t get you off their mind, and it’s one of the most likely signs your ex wants you back.


  1. They Shower You With Compliments 

It’s easy to develop a soft spot for someone once romantic feelings come into the picture.

Once your ex starts noticing subtle things about you and complimenting you about them, he might have started developing feelings for you again.

For instance, he notices some nice upgrades in your character, change of hairstyle, new makeup, or perfumes.

Taking notice of these seemingly little things shows that he is paying attention to you and still cares about you.

And no one is more generous with compliments than someone who wants to be in your life (again).

So, what do you do?

How do you feel about your ex wanting you back?

It all depends on what you want.

But make sure you think about your relationship and what kind of partner they were to you.

Also, put into consideration what led to the breakup and each party’s role in it.

If you decide to take your ex back, it’d make sense to set new boundaries so you don’t get hurt again.

Remember, once bitten, twice shy.

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back



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