What Makes a Man Stop Being a Player? These 9 Things!

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What makes a man stop being a player?

Who likes being played?

No one!

Being played by a guy makes you feel stupid and used.

I know there are women players, but men are usually the culprits.

And for the purpose of this topic, let’s stick to male players.

So, who is a player?

A player is a guy who has a reputation for pursuing multiple romantic interests simultaneously, often without any intention of establishing a serious, committed relationship.

While some may view this behavior as an exciting and empowering way to navigate the dating world, others see it as a hurtful and disrespectful approach to forming connections with others. 

I think it’s disrespectful anyway. It’s unfair.

Despite this divide, it is clear that “playing” has become a pervasive part of modern dating culture. 

While there is no guaranteed way to make someone change their behavior, several factors may contribute to a man choosing to stop being a player.

Let’s dig into the potential reasons a man may choose to move away from this lifestyle and what impact it may have on his relationships and personal growth.

What makes a man stop being a player? 

Let’s find out!


What Makes a Man Stop Being a Player?

  1. Developing a deeper emotional connection with someone

What Makes a Man Stop Being a Player?

One of the most important things that can make a man stop being a player is developing a deeper emotional connection with someone.

This means that he starts to feel something for a woman and wants more from her than just sex. 

He may even start to see her as his girlfriend or even as his wife.

When you’re in love, and you’re in love with someone who loves you back, it’s hard to cheat on them. 

It’s hard even to consider cheating on them. 

The idea of hurting them or betraying their trust makes you feel sick. 

And when something feels wrong, it’s hard not to do anything about it, including not cheating on them.

And once you’ve made that choice and decided that the person you love is more important than any other person, it becomes really easy to stop being a player because you don’t want to lose them.


2. Realizing the emotional toll of his actions

A man may stop being a player when he realizes the emotional toll that his actions have on himself and others. 

He may even feel guilty about it.

Players tend to think of themselves as having power over others, but in reality, they often hurt other people in ways they don’t realize.

Also, he may realize being with one woman and caring for her, instead of having sex with multiple women and not caring about them, is far more fulfilling and enjoyable.


3. Feeling fulfilled in other areas of life

what makes a man stop being a player

Many men play the field because they don’t feel like they have their lives together.

They’re lacking in some area that they can’t seem to get a handle on, and they’re constantly looking for something to fill it.

They might be unhappy at work, struggling with money, or not know what they want to do with their lives. 

But when a man is happy and fulfilled in other areas of life, he isn’t looking to fill an emotional void with sex. 

He’s not looking for a short-term relationship with no strings attached.

He’s not necessarily looking for a long-term relationship but something meaningful and lasting that will bring him happiness.

For example, a man who has found fulfillment in his career, business, or even friendship may not have time to invest in casual sex anymore. 

He’ll be too busy doing what he loves and making money doing it. 

He might not even realize how much time he spends looking for women until he starts feeling fulfilled by other things.

They may also realize that there are some things that they would rather be doing with their time than spending it looking for women and choosing to do those things instead.


4. Facing consequences

One of the biggest reasons a man will stop being a player is because he faces negative consequences.

It’s simple—if you’re constantly getting away with something, you’ll keep doing it.

And without consequences, you won’t be motivated to change your behavior. 

But when you face the consequences, it suddenly becomes clear that what you’re doing has real repercussions. 

So if a man has been playing around and then has to face the consequences of his actions, it can make him want to change his ways. 

Some examples of this are getting caught in the act by his wife or girlfriend, getting arrested for harassment or assault, losing relationships with friends and family members, and losing money from investing in women who don’t return his affection. 

These consequences can be enough to make even the most persistent player change their ways.

So yeah, sometimes, it takes a good dose of consequences to knock some sense into a man and make him stop being a player. 


5. Gaining empathy 

What Makes a Man Stop Being a Player?

As players become more empathetic, they see women as people rather than objects to be used and discarded. 

This allows them to develop healthy relationships with women in which they can be emotionally intimate and vulnerable. 

As we know, empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, and it’s one of the most important traits for successful relationships. 

A person with empathy will find it easier to connect with others and have meaningful relationships.

They can easily sense what others feel and think, which allows them to respond appropriately and build strong connections with their partners.

In contrast, like players, people who lack empathy tend to be more self-centered and less sensitive toward others’ needs or feelings. 

So for players who are looking for short-term fun rather than long-term commitment, gaining empathy will help them understand why they shouldn’t enter into a relationship without caring about their partner’s feelings or needs. 

This could lead them to develop deeper feelings for their partner, eventually making them want more than casual sex or casual dating. 


6. Wanting to settle down and start a family

What Makes a Man Stop Being a Player?

The desire to settle down and start a family is one of the things that make a man stop being a player. 

 When a man reaches a point where he’s ready to build a stable and committed family life, his priorities may shift away from short-term flings and towards finding a partner with whom he can build a long-term future.

Various factors, such as personal values, cultural norms, or a desire for a sense of stability and security, may drive this shift in priorities.

For example, a man who grew up in a family with strong traditions around marriage and children may feel a strong pull towards settling down and starting a family of his own. 

Raising a family is no easy feat, so a man who wants to be a good husband and father must quit his playboy ways. 

This doesn’t mean every man who wants to start a family will automatically stop being a player, and not every man who stops being a player necessarily wants to start a family. 

Heck, there are married players!

But for some men, the desire to build a stable, committed, and loving family life can be a powerful force for change


7. Wanting to build a reputation of respect

Men have always been driven by their need to be respected and admired. 

It’s the reason they work so hard, it’s the reason they take risks, and it’s the reason that they’re so competitive.

Women are attracted to men who are respected by others and look up to them as leaders. 

A player has no such reputation, and this can be one factor that makes him want to change his ways.

Most women want someone who will take care of them and make them feel safe, and the best way to do that is to have an established reputation as an honorable man.

A man who stops being a player may not even be able to offer much materially, but if he has developed the reputation of being a man of honor, he will find it easier than usual to attract good women. 

Because most women aren’t even asking for too much. 

We just want a man who respects himself and respects us. 


8. Growing tired of the lifestyle

what makes a man stop being a player

It’s a common stereotype that men are always looking for their next conquest, but the fact is that most men are looking for something more than a one-night stand.

Yes, a player’s lifestyle can be fun, exciting, and full of adventure for a while.

But eventually, most players find that they are tired of constantly looking for new women to date or have sex with.

And let’s be honest, a player’s lifestyle— constantly sleeping with women—can be quite exhausting. 

As a player, you must be able to get access to women at all times and have sex with them in a way that is pleasing to both of you. 

This means having the means and ability to do so and the time and energy to devote to pursuing multiple sexual partners at once.

Ugh. Sounds exhausting already. 

When a man is tired of his playboy lifestyle, he will start searching for something deeper—something more substantial than just sex with a woman he connects with (remember point 1). 


9. Becoming born again and growing in faith

A player is still in sin and misusing his body to satisfy his carnal desires. 

But when a man becomes born again and has the Holy Spirit, he will stop looking for satisfaction through sinful relationships because the Holy Spirit will help him, especially if he’s sincere and willing to quit his sinful ways. 

He may still struggle for a while, but eventually, he will get around to changing his ways.

Jesus changes lives, guys! 


The decision to stop being a player is personal, and it may be motivated by a wide range of factors I already explained above. 

Regardless of the specific reasons behind a man’s decision to leave behind a history of casual dating, it’s clear that building authentic and fulfilling relationships is a key element of personal growth and well-being, not playing the field. 



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  1. Took my man (of 6 years of a not so great relationship) back after he played me. 1 month of not knowing if he was fully mine alone. Then he ghosted me for 2 weeks. I lost myself trying to hold on to him! It was rough and rocky for months. But during that time, I clung to to Jesus, daily devotionals, prayer and came v back to Him after 5 years of running away! He is now healing both of us. Praying that God uses this to bring us both to Him! It is working! He told me last night that he wants more than sex! He wants a solid foundation with me! He wants to take things slow to see if we have what it takes without sex as the focus! Praise Jesus!


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