Why is God Keeping Me Single? 7 Reasons Why

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Are you angry with God for keeping you waiting?

You’ve been praying and trusting in Him for a life partner, but nothing seems to be happening.

You’re wondering if God is even taking your marital concerns seriously.

If he is, “Why is God keeping me single?” you might be asking.

While waiting on God’s perfect plan can be hard, there are good reasons He’s keeping you single for now.

God has a purpose for your singleness.

Let’s consider some of the reasons God is keeping you unattached.

“Why is God Keeping Me Single?”

1. God is keeping you single to teach you to depend on Him.

Why is God Keeping Me Single?

One reason God may be keeping you single is so that you will learn to depend on Him.

When we are single, it’s easy to get frustrated and think that our lives would be better if we were married.

Also, it’s easier to depend on a romantic partner than on God when we have them.

We look to our spouses to fulfill needs that God should fulfill in our lives.  

Being single gives us opportunities for growth and dependency on God.

So that even when we eventually have a romantic partner, we would have learned how to depend on God and not on a partner.

This will help us prevent unnecessary conflicts that arise from unmet expectations.


2. God wants to save you from making a mistake and marrying the wrong person

Why is God Keeping Me Single?

God knows your potential, and He wants the best for you.

So He’s going to ensure that any person you marry will be a good match for you.

This is why single people often spend time with several different people before getting married; they’re looking for someone who fits their needs and personality well.

If you’re single, God knows the perfect person who will complement your life in every possible way.

And because He loves you, He doesn’t want you to make the wrong choice.

When you marry the wrong person, you’d wish that you were single every day of your life.

Why not see your singleness as an opportunity to make the right choice?


3. God is keeping you single so that you can serve Him faithfully at church and in your community.

Why is God Keeping Me Single?

We all want to be a blessing to the world, but there are things we can do only as single people that married people cannot.

Single people have more time and energy to give because they don’t have many responsibilities outside work and school (or whatever).

They are also more willing to invest in serving others because they aren’t distracted by marriage commitments or kids.

If God has kept you single for years, then He must have an amazing plan for how you can use this gift of singleness for His kingdom.

So rejoice!

Your life isn’t meaningless or boring—it has meaning because God has a purpose for everything He does.

If you’re not serving in any capacity—in the church or your community, you’re not fulfilling the purpose of your singleness.

Some say they’ll serve when they get married.

Truth is, they won’t.

Because marriage is hard work and marital responsibilities make it hard to be responsible in other areas.

Serve now, so you’ll know how to serve when you’re married.


4. You are not ready for marriage yet.

To be a good spouse, you must learn to love yourself first.

God has created each of us beautifully in his image and likeness.

He wants us to learn how to be content with who we are as individuals so that we can be better equipped in our relationships with others, including romantic relationships.

Being single allows you to learn about yourself without the pressure of having someone else around all the time.

It’s important for your future marriage that you take this time alone as an opportunity for self-growth rather than feeling lonely or anxious about being single forever.


5. God wants to use you to help others through their seasons of singleness (like a mentor or coach).

Why is God Keeping Me Single?

It’s no secret that single people often feel alone in the world.

Sometimes, it’s nice for them to see other people who aren’t married yet and who know what they’re going through.

You can remind those struggling with singleness that they are not alone and that there is hope for them.

You can also use your story to encourage them and give them practical tips on utilizing their singleness productively.


6. You haven’t been healed yet from past wounds and hurts.

Why is God Keeping Me Single?

You may have gotten burned by someone in the past or had unfulfilling relationships that left scars on your heart.

Whatever it is, if you’re still carrying emotional baggage from previous relationships, it will be a hindrance to getting into another one.

It’s not easy to let go of old wounds, but if you don’t deal with them now, they’ll continue to hold you back from finding love again in the future.

You must learn how to deal with your past issues to enjoy your relationship.

Use your single life to achieve that so you don’t mess up your God-ordained relationship.


7. You have a unique gift or talent that won’t develop until you serve in the single life

Singleness is a gift.

Being single allows you to have time to develop your gifts and talents, time to serve others, and time to grow in your faith.

You can do more for God when you’re not tied down.

Single people are free to travel the world, serve in ministry or take on other opportunities that come their way because they don’t have any dependents holding them back.

So, God might be keeping you single because he wants you to discover and use your gifts and be well-established.

Married life might become too demanding for you to discover and utilize them.

If you’re single and struggling with the fact that God has not brought you a spouse yet, remember this: He loves you.

He knows what is best for your life, and He will never leave or forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6).

So keep trusting Him, stay prayerful and faithful as you wait on Him, and He’ll never let you down.

God, our heavenly Father, will NEVER deny us what will benefit us.

Trust Him and pray that He gives you the understanding to know what to do with your singleness.

Why is God Keeping Me Single?


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  1. Who would want to be single and alone all the time which is very boring, especially when you keep getting older and older? Didn’t God say that man shouldn’t be alone? It is just too very bad that women today are a lot different from the past unfortunately, when it was so much more easier meeting women back then and finding love.


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