Why is My Grown Daughter So Rude To Me? 9 Reasons Your Daughter is Rebellious

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As a mother, there are few things more heart-wrenching than feeling like you’ve lost the connection with your child.

Maybe your heart ached the first time your daughter snapped at me.

You thought you had raised her to be respectful and to treat others with kindness.

But as she grew older, her rudeness became more frequent.

When our children behave badly, our first instinct is to blame ourselves and wonder if we have done something wrong in raising them.

However, while we could share the blame for how our children turn out, many other factors could contribute to a grown daughter’s rudeness towards her parents, some of which aren’t our fault.

If you’re still asking, “Why is my grown daughter so rude to me?” keep reading. 

Why is My Grown Daughter So Rude To Me?

1. She’s Asserting Her Independence

As children grow up and become adults, they naturally want to assert their independence.

This is a normal part of development, and in sometimes, this newfound independence may manifest as rudeness.

Remember your teenage years when you thought your parents didn’t understand anything?

You thought you knew better and they were old school?

Well, your grown daughter may be trying to assert her independence and establish her identity.

And this can manifest in various ways, including being more assertive, taking on new responsibilities, and even being rude or dismissive towards you.

For example, if you are having a conversation about your daughter’s career choices.

You suggest a certain path, but your daughter disagrees and expresses her opinion.

You insist on your own ideas and dismiss your daughter’s; this could lead to your daughter becoming rude and dismissive in response because she feels her independence and autonomy are being stifled. 


2. She Has Unresolved Childhood Issues

Why is My Grown Daughter So Rude To Me?

You know how sometimes, we carry around baggage from our past?

Yes, our kids can do that too.

Maybe there were some tough moments in your daughter’s childhood, like arguments, misunderstandings, or even some unintentional hurtful moments.

These experiences can stick with her, and she might hold onto some of that anger or resentment as she grows up.

It’s not like you were a bad parent or anything, but those unresolved feelings can still linger and impact how she interacts with you now.


3. Stress and External Factors

Why is My Grown Daughter So Rude To Me?

Life is full of challenges, and sometimes those challenges can have an impact on our mood and behavior, even if we don’t mean for them to.

Imagine your daughter is dealing with a lot of pressure at work, struggling financially, or maybe even having problems in her romantic relationship.

All of these things can cause her stress levels to skyrocket.

When people are under stress, they might not have the same level of patience or emotional control as they would normally, so they can end up snapping at those closest to them – like their parents.

Even as an adult, I snap at my husband and kids when I’m stressed, even though I don’t mean to. 

So, your daughter’s rudeness might not be a reflection of her feelings towards you but rather a result of the stress she’s dealing with in other areas of her life.

Heck, she might not even realize how her stress affects her behavior toward you.


4. She feels she’s not being heard by you

If your daughter feels like her thoughts, feelings, or opinions aren’t being taken seriously or given the attention they deserve,  she might act out or be rude as a way of expressing her dissatisfaction with you.


5. What if you didn’t teach her good manners?

Why is My Grown Daughter So Rude To Me?

I know it might sound a bit harsh, but let’s be honest here.

What if you didn’t teach her good manners growing up?

What if you always let her have her way?

I’m not saying you’re a bad parent or that you didn’t try to teach your daughter manners.

We all do our best, right?

But sometimes, despite our efforts, our kids might not pick up on the lessons we’re trying to teach them or choose to act differently for their own reasons.

But it’s also possible that our best was not enough as well. 

Good manners aren’t just about saying “please” and “thank you.”

It’s also about learning how to communicate effectively, handle conflict, and show respect for others.

Maybe for whatever reason, your daughter didn’t fully absorb these lessons growing up, and now that she’s an adult, it’s coming out as rudeness.

6. She’s associating with the wrong crowd

The Bible says, “Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.” I Corinthians 15.33.NKJV

Remember the old proverb, “Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Sometimes, the people our kids surround themselves with can have a significant influence on their behavior, including the way they treat their parents.

Maybe your daughter is associating with a group of friends who have a negative influence on her.

They may be engaging in harmful behaviors, or they have a disrespectful attitude towards their own parents, which could be rubbing off on your daughter.

When people spend a lot of time around others who exhibit certain behaviors, they can start to adopt those behaviors themselves, even if it’s not how they were raised.


7. She’s a spoilt brat

Why is My Grown Daughter So Rude To Me?

This might be another reason why she’s being rude to you.

When kids grow up with a sense of entitlement or without learning the value of gratitude and respect, it affects how they treat others, including their parents.

So, if your daughter has been overly indulged or hasn’t experienced enough consequences for her actions, she will likely be rude.

She will not fully appreciate what she has or the effort you’ve put into raising her, and as a result, she might take you for granted


8. She’s imitating media influences

Why is My Grown Daughter So Rude To Me?

The media has a huge impact on how we behave.

Like, imagine your daughter is watching a show where the main character is constantly sarcastic or disrespectful to their parents, but it’s played off as funny or cool.

Or maybe she’s following people on social media who are always posting rude comments or making fun of others.

When she sees that kind of behavior glamorized or normalized, she might start thinking it’s okay to act that way.


9. You’re irresponsible 

Of course, nobody’s perfect, and we all have our moments of weakness, but if a parent consistently fails to fulfill their duties or take responsibility for their actions, it could have an impact on their child’s behavior.

If you’ve been an irresponsible parent, this can cause feelings of frustration, insecurity, or even resentment in your daughter. 

She might feel like she can’t rely on you for guidance, support, or stability, leading to her acting out or being rude as a way of expressing her discontent.

So, what can you do when faced with a rude grown daughter?

Practice Empathy:

First, try to understand her perspective and emotions and empathize with her struggles.

This will help to create a more compassionate and understanding environment.

Afterward, talk with her about her feelings and behavior, and work together to come up with solutions that could help address the underlying issues.

It’s also important to show her that you’re apologetic for your past mistakes and let her know that you want the best for her future.

This will go a long way in repairing any negative feelings she may have towards you.

If she’s being stubborn, set boundaries with her and explain why you need them.

Let her know that you love and respect her but that you won’t tolerate rude behavior.

Finally, be patient with her as she learns how to cope with the situation more maturely.

It will take time for her to learn new behaviors and practice self-control, but staying positive and being there for her is important.

With your help, she can learn to navigate the situation in a healthier way and find new coping strategies that will benefit her in the long run. 

You both deserve to have a strong relationship that’s based on mutual respect and understanding.

Together you can make it happen! 

Oh, and don’t forget to pray for her.

Prayer works; I highly recommend it.



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