9 Signs God Wants You To Be With Someone

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Please note: In this article, I refer to God here as “the Christian God” and my references are from the Bible. 


It’s not uncommon for singles to ask, “What are the signs God wants you to be with someone?”

The most confusing stage of every relationship is the period just before it becomes official.

We tend to use various terms to describe the relationship status.

For instance, you’ll hear words like courting, dating and talking to each other.

Sometimes, it gets so complicated that we forget why we are at that point in our lives – to know if they are who God wants us to be with.

You might have your definition of partner material, but you might not necessarily know how to spot the will of God for you in a relationship.

You do not want to let emotions cloud your judgement and distract you from the real substance.

You’ve always wanted to date with purpose, so you want to be alert always.

Based on words and actions, it can be easy to tell when God doesn’t approve of someone and wants you to let them go.

There are also obvious signs God wants you to be with someone.

I’ll be sharing some of these signs below.

Enjoy the read!

9 Signs God Wants You To Be With Someone

  1. They Make Efforts To Be With You 

Signs God Wants You To Be With Someone

You’re not meant to be with someone who doesn’t try to be with you.

You plan dates single-handedly and mostly initiate interactions.

From the interest to the love, everything seems one-sided.

There’s nothing right about this.

Just add the saying goes, “They’re just not into you.”

Let them go.

They’re not the will of God for you.

A person prepared for you by God will pursue you actively till they arrest your attention.

Not only will they do everything to make you happy, but they’ll also text, call and derive pleasure in planning dates for you.

You’ll find yourself being happy and flourishing because that has always been the will of God for you.

The scriptures says, “Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?” Amos 3:3 NKJV

If you’re the only one seeing to the smooth running of the relationship, then you’re not in agreement. 

You’re ALONE. 

God will never contradict His Word. 

If the person is the one for you, you’ll be in agreement with being in each other’s lives. 


  1. They Tick Most of Your Boxes

One of the signs God wants you to be with someone is that they’re a breath of fresh air, your answered prayers.

You’ll find that they tick most of your boxes effortlessly.

Although I won’t encourage you to have unrealistic expectations for a partner, God knows exactly what you need and will give you just that.

So one of the ways to confirm this is that “the one” will possess all the godly characters you prayed for.

God knows the right person for you and will send them to you at the right time.


  1. The Relationship Is In Line With Your Relationship With God

Signs God Wants You To Be With Someone

If being with someone strengthens your relationship with God rather than compromises it, it’s a good sign.

The one God wants to be with will encourage you and help you to build your relationship with God.

You’ll find that both of you have similar values, morals and desire for God.

God will never send you someone who will lead you astray or corrupt your morals.

“Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.”

I Corinthians 15:33 NKJV

God will not send to you someone who will corrupt you. 


  1. You’ll Trust Them 

Trust is another way to know when God wants to be with someone.

Indeed, trust is earned, and you must make conscious efforts to build trust between yourselves.

God’s one for you will make you comfortable with them through their words and actions.

You’ll feel peace in the relationship because their intentions towards you are crystal clear.

The easiest way to discern their intentions towards you is by observing their actions when they are around you.

Are they uncomfortable with you being close to them when they’re going through e-mails or on the phone?

Are they communicative and open or hard to read?

Do they let you take their calls when they’re busy?

These may be little things, but if you find them being secretive in them, then they have bigger things to hide.

If you’re in a flourishing relationship, your fears will go away with time, and you’ll learn to trust them completely.


  1. You’ll Improve Each Other

Signs God Wants You To Be With Someone

Every romantic or platonic relationship will subtract from or add to your life.

The person God wants you to be with will add tremendously to your life.

He won’t send you someone who will disturb your peace and drain your energy.

He’ll lead you to someone who will be your haven, edifies you, supporters and believes in you.

This also means being in a toxic relationship is not the will of God for you. 

This doesn’t mean you’ll have a perfect relationship. 

But it’s impossible that God will lead a toxic partner into your life. 

He’s your heavenly Father. 

How would He do that? 


  1. They’ll Be Loyal To You

Signs God Wants You To Be With Someone

Unalloyed loyalty is one of the very important signs God wants you to be with someone.

Being in a relationship entails uniting two families with different experiences and backgrounds.

This means that from time to time, there’ll be situations where one party will be perceived wrongly.

If both of you remain loyal to each other, your relationship will weather the storms of life.

While each person is responsible for their actions, as God didn’t create us as puppets, in a relationship ordained by God for you, you won’t have to doubt where you stand in each other’s lives, except it’s your insecurities talking. 


  1. They Respect You

More often than not, we think that respecting people lies solely in how we talk to them.

Respect is a foundational ingredient in every relationship.

Its presence or absence can make or break a relationship in the long run.

If they respect you, it’s one of the signs God wants to be with someone.

Do they respect your time and give you undivided attention whenever you are together?

Or are they always busy with other things?

Do they listen to your opinion in a conversation and value it?

Or do they cut you off in the middle of a sentence?

These are the little things that matter in every relationship.


  1. You’re Included In Each Other’s Lives 

Signs God Wants You To Be With Someone

One way to know someone who is dating you with clear intentions is if they make it a priority to spend quality time with you regularly.

Nobody is saying that your lives should revolve around each other.

Simply be included in each other’s lives.

You’ll notice that they put you first.

For instance, you’re the first person they call if he has something to talk about or news to share.

The best relationships are always the ones in which the couples share their lives and consider themselves best friends.

Have a bond built not just on physical attraction but true intimacy.

That way, you’ll enjoy each other’s company, talk for hours and never run out of things to talk about, and spend quality time together without getting tired of each other.


9. The Peace Test

Signs God Wants You To Be With Someone

One of the ways to know if something, anything, is the will of God for you is through the peace test.

Do you have peace concerning a decision or plan?

If you do, it’s probably God leading you to turn in the direction.

The same applies to relationship.

If God wants you to be with someone, you have an unexplainable peace about them.

It doesn’t mean you won’t have your fears or that things will be perfect.

But in the midst of it all, you have some divine assurance that everything will be fine.

If you’re experiencing these 9 things with someone, God might want you to be with them, especially if you have prayed and God has spoken to you.

As a child of God, you have a relationship with God, and you should know how and when God speaks to you. 

In addition to the signs above, if God has convinced you that someone is meant for you, that’s probably the case. 

Keep an open mind though, and let God lead you every step of the way.

It’s not over until God says it’s over. 

Signs God Wants You To Be With Someone

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these signs. I can relate to most of them. I particularly liked the Peace test…experiencing God’s peace in the relationship gives us the confidence to keep going, even when things are not perfect.

  2. its true some of the incidence or situations in life happens unacceptedly which are never excepted to be happen so it can be blindly belived as will of god actually we all forget we are not supposed to live our life as our wish and also forget that our destiny is pre planned

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. I was looking to God’s signs before finding my rib. Now I know what to look at when his timing comes, Be blessed.

  4. Idk why I’m smiling reading this.. maybe it’s because it got me thinking of one person who ticked all those boxes. I hope it goes well and thanks for sharing the article.

  5. I have prayed to God for a Christian man for over 20 years now. I have been telling God that I have faith in Him but not in man. But the truth is that I have not put my faith in God. Then one day God told me “Do you believe that after all of this time I would send you a bad man?” And I finally listened!!!! Today I have the most wonderful man in my life. Praise be to God! I can not wait to show my boyfriend this article. God bless you for sharing this information with all of us who need to hear your beautiful words!!!


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